Paralympic Canoe Champion Shreds on Kite at Prea

Fernando Fernandes adaptive kiter in Brazil

INTRO: Fernando Fernandes joined up with Mitu Monteiro for a kitesurfing session at Prea Beach

Words: Patricia Calderon / Surfin Sem Fim 
Photos: Leca Mir

Fernando was involved in a car accident that left him in a paraplegic state, but since then the athlete has found a lot of motivation for improvement through sports.

Fernando Fernandes adaptive kiter in Brazil

During his rehabilitation process, Fernando learned about canoeing and went on to become the two-time South American Paralympic canoeing champion.

He didn’t stop with canoeing and has became famous in other sports, such as surf skiing, wakeboarding, adapted biking and abseiling.

In late July Fernando joined a special kite session at Prea Beach in Brazil with some of the team from Surfin Sem Fim, including athlete and champion, Mitu Monteiro. The wave and strapless freestyle star arrived from Cape Verde to train in the Prea region for two months ahead of the upcoming GKA Kite World Tour stops, in Mauritius and then here in Prea, Brazil.

Mitu Monteiro and Fernando Fernandes

Fernando with Mitu and Surfin Sem Fim’s founder, Marco Dolpozzo

In November last year, Fernando decided to develop adaptations to be able to practice the sport. In addition to adjustments in equipment, there also had to be adaptations in regards to movements and techniques used at sea. The coast of Ceará was the chosen location for training and testing.

“Fernando is testing these techniques in the ocean. We came to Ceará to test and train, because of the good conditions of this coastline,” explains Gustavo, a friend of the athlete, also creator of the adapted kite.

Fernando Fernandez adaptive kitesurfing

Fernando punting air!

Fernando says, “I have now chosen Ceará as my second home. Kiting in Prea, considered the Mecca of kiting here in Brazil, is an amazing experience. Running into Mitu here and kiting with him was awesome.”.

The multisport athlete is also dedicated to helping and supporting other people with disabilities. In 2013 Fernando founded the Fernando Fernandes Institute (IFF), which aims to promote the non-exclusion of people and to gain support.

Read Fernando’s bio here. 

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