Online Comp – biggest jump, best trick, or biggest crash!

Big Air Kite competition

Prizes for your biggest and most extreme big air tricks!


The Big Air Kite League are putting on their first Big Air online video competition with some great prizes with thanks to the legends at Lieuwe Boards, Ride Engine, and CORE kites:



The different divisions and prizes

Best Big Air trick Amateur Division: Lieuwe Shotgun Board
Best Big Air trick Semi-Pro / Pro Division: €300+ (the prize pool is growing)
Biggest crash: Ride Engine Empax Impact Vest and Elite Carbon Harness with spreader bar
Biggest jump: CORE XR6 9m


How to enter:

-Upload your big air clip to Instagram or YouTube
-You can enter biggest jump, best trick, or biggest crash
-Fill in this form:
-Visit and post your video on the forum, under the topic Big Air Video Competition!

The winner will be selected by our expert panel of judges



-Competition closes 15 October end of day!
-Enter as many times as you like
-Only perform 1 trick per video clip. Multiple camera angles and replays are allowed.
-If you have ever competed in or submitted an entry video for KOTA or Megaloop, you are required to enter the Semi-Pro/Pro category
-Only jumps that are landed and ridden away will be considered. Butt-checks are allowed but affect the judging.


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