New Guinness Kitesurfing World Record Beats The Armada


Cumbuco, Brazil Stages A New World Record To Raise Awareness Of Climate Crisis.


Words: Kate Chandler


More than 700 kiters were on the water in Cumbuco on 21st September to raise environmental awareness and attempt to set a new world record. A team of Guinness World Record officials stood by on the beach hoping to record the largest number of kitesurfers in unison over a two kilometre distance and the pressure was on to beat the previous record set by the Kitesurfing Armada in 2017.


Cumbuco world record

Photo: Talles Freitas


Two teams, Winds For Future and Kite Parade, joined forces and worked in preparation for almost a year to organise the event which took place in Cumbuco, Ceara, Brazil. The event combined a world record attempt and an entrepreneurial/tech summit in the hope of raising awareness and bringing world media attention to the current climate crisis in the country. 


The day began cloudy, with no wind and as the beaches began to fill with kitersurfers who travelled from all over the country to take part in the event, there were more than a few nervous faces to be seen due to the far from ideal weather conditions. It began to rain, unusual for this time of year in Cumbuco and the tension grew as almost 1000 people had registered and no wind would mean no record attempt. Shortly after midday the clouds lifted, the wind came in and there was a rush to be ready for the scheduled 1 o’clock start for the Kite Parade.


The logistics of getting so many kiters onto the water at the same time safely had been thoroughly thought out and riders were spread out between 5 starting points located upwind of the green flag along Cumbuco beach. Official rules regulated that no rider could pass the starting line until the race began. Cumbuco local pro Alex Neto held the crowd back riding backwards and forwards along the starting line warning off anyone that got too close.


As the horn sounded, crowds rushed from the barracas (beach bars) to watch and the Kite Parade officially began. It was an incredible sight to behold, the sky filled with colourful kites as far as the eye could see, over 700 wristbands were given out by the Guinness Record officials to riders as they entered the water. The sight from both the water and the beach were incredible and there was a remarkable electrified calmness felt by everyone who took part, with people cheering and high-fiving on the water, no tension or stress.  


Entering the water

Photo: Renato Balbino


Event organizer Giselle Nuaz said it was the most incredible kite session in her life and many other riders said they felt the same. There was not a single kite tangle, kite crash or accident during the whole parade which seems almost impossible to believe given so people on the water!


Riders had a two-hour window in which to cover the 2km distance in order to break the previous world record and there were certain rules and regulations to adhere to in order to do so. The parade needed to be one continuous procession of kitesurfers travelling together, to qualify, with no significant gaps or large spaces of open water between riders at all times. 


640 kitesurfers crossed the finish line and 44 riders were disqualified resulting in a total of 596 allowing for a new official Guinness World Record to be awarded to Winds For Future and Kite Parade.



Photo: Gabreil Bessa


In true British spirit, the previous world record holder and Kitesurfing Armada event organizer Dan Charlish had this message for the organisers 


“On behalf of everyone at the Kitesurfing Armada, we want to send huge congratulations to the Kite Parade team for their Guinness World Record! It’s such a massive amount of effort to pull something like this off, and it’s so awesome to see the record go from the UK to Brazil – a kitesurfing paradise with a super strong community who do so much to promote our sport. Congratulations to everyone involved!”


Winds For Future have an ongoing mission to promote climate awareness in the region and will be continuing to actively push Brazilian environmental agencies to be more assertive in the area. 


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