Dissecting the new Duotone Dice!

Looping Lasse


Get the full rundown of the new Dice from designer and rider perspectives



A reduction in weight, improved drift and enhanced performance across the board – the Duotone gang explain what’s new and how it’ll help you shred better!


Duotone list the new Performance Features:

Extremely powerful lift and massive jumping abilities
Incredibly precise steering
Perfect for kite loops and unhooked pop
Impressive unhooked performance

Technical Updates

Optimized construction to reduce weight
Pulley less bridle system
Several tip tuning options
Four or five line set up (5th line not included)


Check out the 2021 overview:


Designer notes

Kite designer Ralf Grösel goes into more detail on the reasons behind the changes to the 2021 Dice and what they mean to the rider:
“The Dice has always been accessible for a wider group and very commercial. But, extreme riders like Lasse and Aaron wanted something that could boost higher, achieve more depth in the loop because of the way it recovers and handle the harshest conditions in the world. The complete redesign was influenced by these riders, and the challenge was to remain loyal to the foundations of the DICE, retaining accessibility for the experienced and adventurous riders.”


Dice designer Ralf Grösel
Designer Ralf Grösel


See Ralf’s interview here


A rider perspective from Lass Walker:


“It doesn’t matter if you just started unhooking, or sending megaloops or riding waves the Dice is the one.”


Looping Lasse

Looping Lasse!

See Lasse’s interview here


Team Talk

Hear all the latest on the Dice improvements from Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Carthern in their new video as the trio head out on a British road trip to put the kite to the ultimate test in the UK weather:



Find out more on the Dice: duotonesports.com



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