Master Backside Wave Riding with Progression

Progression - Backside Fundamentals


Progression launch Backside Fundamentals video


Often avoided or seen as less stylish, riding waves Backside can be a tricky beast to master but after 30 minutes of Progression’s infamous instruction, your eyes will be opened to a whole new way to attack a wave.


Progression - Backside Fundamentals


Following on from the Carving Turns Collection and the Frontside Fundamentals video, Progression are on a mission to help kite surfboard riders get to grips with the aggressive body positions needed for these more technical turns. Combined with the a clear understanding of how your kite and board relate to the ever changing waves.

So whether you are new to riding waves or know you could improve your technique, Progression will set you up for the joys of powerful, snappy backside hacks.

The Backside Fundamentals video is supported by North Kiteboarding featuring the riding talents of Lee “Pasty” Harvey, British Kitesurfing Champion. It’s available exclusively on the Progression Player App – get the app on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Get started by watching the full Riding Waves Introduction video below, featuring essential information to get you start. Available online for free at YouTube or through the Progression Player App.


Progression – Kitesurfing How-to: Riding Waves Introduction


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