Introducing Marie Lou Fourré AKA: Liloo Gringa’

Marie Lou Fourre Joins Crazyfly

Marie-Lou Fourré, known as ‘Liloo Gringa’, is the Venzuelan women’s freestyle champion and this year will compete in her first full year on the Virgin (formerly PKRA) Kitesurf World Championship tour. Although she didn’t start kiting until she was 18, Liloo has progressed quickly after making a name for herself in racing and slalom disciplines in Venzuela. Having gained an international degree in Sports and Event Management she then became manager of the Kiteboarding Club El Yaque, but will now be competing in freestyle and big air events on the tour.

More great news is that Liloo has just been signed to the CrazyFly international team.  Here’s a quick interview with her: 

Marie Lou Fourre Joins Crazyfly

Where do you live?
I live in Playa el Yaque, Isla Margarita, Venezuela

How long have you been kiting?
I started kiting at 18, but I really started to dedicate myself entirely to it two years ago after getting my Masters in International Sport Marketing and Event Management.

What are you best results?
I’m national champion of Venezuela.

Can you tell us about your home spot and why you like it so much?
My home spot is Playa El Yaque on Isla Margarita, Venezuela. It’s a magical place – the weather is warm all year and it’s windy most of the year. El Yaque Beach is still run by its kitesurfing and windsurfing schools with typical bars, delicious restaurants and the locals are very friendly. There are spots for every riding style, such as la Restinga (waves), Coche island (flat water) and El Yaque (plus the magic secret spots!)

Marie Lou Fourre Joins Crazyfly

Will you be doing the full tour this year?
My sponsor CrazyFly Kiteboarding gave me the chance this year to finally have the opportunity to participate on the full tour, so I’m very happy to accomplish my dream!

Who you most enjoy competing against?
I enjoy competing against the best riders. It motivates me to give my best and push my limits. Each heat is a lesson and helps to improve my level.

Which is your favourite trick and why do you like it so much?
My favourite trick is the low mobe as I think it has the perfect combination of action and elegance.

Which trick are you learning at the moment and what is the hardest part about learning it ?
I’m learning the back mobe, which is the next step after the low mobe. The hardest part is learning to pass the bar in the air.

Are you nervous about the events this year? 
I will replace the word ‘nervous’ with ‘exited’! It has always been my dream to participate in the PKRA, so I’m very happy to finally accomplish it. The girls level is very high and it’s not going to be easy but I’m going to give my best this year and keep training hard.

What do you think about the new PKRA format?
It’s a good way to professionalize the sport and have a better level among the competitors as the new system also allows for a fairer final ranking. I think it’s good to do qualifiers but there are very few places available, so it’s competitive!

Marie Lou Fourre Joins Crazyfly

What is your favourite thing about kitesurfing?
I’m a kite addict! Kiting makes me happy. I like the adrenaline and sensation of freedom when I am on the water. I love discovering new spots too, because I really enjoy travelling.

What is your best piece of advice for an intermediate kitesurfer who is struggling to improve their skills?
I would tell them to participate on the Kitecamps that I organise with Céline Rodenas. Our aim is to improve your kitesurf level while you enjoy an unforgettable journey at exotic destinations!

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why ?
It would be tele-transportation! I could then kite in every part of the world, visit my family in France and be with my friends and family in Venezuela.

Find Liloo on Instagram and Twitter: @liloo_gringa

Find out more about CrazyFly products at:

Check out Marie-Lou’s profile on the new world tour website
Marie Lou Fourre AKA Liloo Gringa will ride on the Virgin Kitesurf World Tour this year

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