NZ Kiteboard Nationals: Jacobs Takes His 8th Win While the Brits Rule the Women

Marc Jacobs wind NZ Naiotnals Switch Kiteboarding Kiteworld Magazine



Marc Jacobs wind NZ Naiotnals Switch Kiteboarding Kiteworld Magazine


Foxton Beach, Horowhenua, New Zealand, 15 November 2015 –  New Zealand Kiteboarder Marc Jacobs who spends the year travelling the globe competing in world kiteboarding events, returned home to compete at a local level at the NZ Kiteboard Nationals at Foxton Beach over the weekend.
The 2015 National Championships took place at the largest Estuary in the lower North Island, and one of New Zealands premiere kiteboard locations; the Manawatu Estuary & river mouth at Foxton Beach.

Marc competed in the ‘Open Men’s’ Category, winning the event for the 8th year in a row.


Marc Jacobs wind NZ Naiotnals Switch Kiteboarding Kiteworld Magazine

Action shot of Marc Jacobs at the 2015 NZ Kiteboard Nationals | Photo Daniel Kajavala

Marc Jacobs wind NZ Naiotnals Switch Kiteboarding Kiteworld Magazine

Marc was riding his new Legacy which has a huge wind range and absorbs the gusts really well, so he could stomp down his tricks to win | Photo Daniel Kajavala

In the women’s side, Sukie Robertson took the win in tough, gusty winds, Danielle Durrant was second with Polly Crathorne in third. 

New Zealand girls nationals 2015

Good friends, Polly Crathorne, Sukie Robertson, Jemima Crathorne and Ticci Fetterman

Q&A with Marc Jacobs

 Marc congratulations on wining the NZ Nationals for the 8th time in a row.  Were you confident you could take out the title for another year?
“Thanks yeah… I’m always very confident before the New Zealand Nationals, I compete for a living and have much more experience than the others.  Foxton was one of the most challenging conditions I have had since my 8x victories so my tour experience help out a lot. Also the wind was real gusty and the water extremely choppy. Luckily my new Legacy kite has a huge wind range, absorbs the gusts really well and I managed to stomp down my tricks.”


Is this win just as special as the first time you won?
“After winning my first NZ Nationals I told myself I won’t stop till I achieve 10 wins in a row so I know no kiwi could beat that and I’ll be forever remembered for it. The felling is still the same this is why I love competing.”


Tell us about the event and what type of weekend it was?  Where there any highlights you would like to mention?
“Foxton is a very sick kiteboarding location. The first two days were a bit to light to run the event but thanks to the river mouth current we could still have a bit of fun kiting in light conditions. The wind kicked in dramatically just for an hour, it went from 12 to 30+ knots, so I had all my kite sizes pumped up and ready.”


Did you have friends and family there to support you and was it cool having team Switch there to cheer you on?
“My dad managed to make it down to support which was nice of him. Also the switch owners Dan and Ralph were there as well and a few of my good mates from Auckland, so it was good vibes for the event for sure.”



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