Liam Whaley – Cold Hawaii Big Air 2020 Champion – Catch-up on the livestream now

Cold Hawaii Games

Cold Hawaii big air livestream
18 riders competed in Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: NORTH KITEBOARDING 
Thursday 23rd September

The event took place along Nørre Vorupør and kicked off around 10.00 am. Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: NORTH KITEBOARDING is part of Cold Hawaii Games 2021 – watch all the action below: 

Cold Hawaii big air livestream:

In the final:

Lorenzo Casati (ITA) v Lasse Walker (NED) v Liam Whaley (ESP)

See the full heat ladder here.

It’s been an epic competition in solid 40 knot gusts!  


1 Liam Whaley (ESP)
2 Lorenzo Casati (ITA)
3 Lasse Walker (NED)
4 Cohan van Dijk (NED)
5 Aaron Hadlow (UK)
6 Giel Vlugt (NED)
7= Kevin Langeree (NED)
7= Evan Klijn (NED)
7= Jamie Overbeek (NED)
7= Simon Bruhn (GER)
7= Nick Jacobsen (DEN)
7= Tom Bridge (UK)
13= Mikkel Hansen (DEN)
13= Joss de Pfyffer (ESP)
13= Valentin Garat (FRA)
13= Julian Huynh (FRA)
13= Clement Huot (FRA)
13= Lucas Gramstrup (DEN)


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