Lewis Crathern on his Partnership with Global Wind Energy Council

Lewis Crathern - GWEC 2021

We spotted some excellent news in Lewis Crathern’s latest newsletter – the 4x British Champion is dedicated to working to help school children understand more about the wind, so his partnership with GWEC is a very natural one. See the video and more details below.


Lewis Crathern - GWEC 2021


I am delighted to share this video with you which outlines my role with the Global Wind Energy Council. GWEC support me fully on my journey to tell the world about the potential of wind energy, and how it has a vital role in combating the climate emergency which we are in.


Kitesurfer Lewis Crathern on the power of the wind


In the making of this video I kitesurfed out 8 miles to the Rampion Wind Farm that was constructed outside my home on the beach where I grew up in Worthing. I sifted through the family archives to find some great footage of me and my brothers playing on the beach, where I clearly loved the sea. The old footage shot in the early 90’s shows the iconic chimney from the old Shoreham coal power station which has now been replaced. You can also see the empty horizon which today generates electricity using the power of the wind.

Change is an important element to this video. In order to achieve net zero, we have to change the way we live and even the way we think.


Lewis Crathern - GWEC 2021


“In order to achieve net zero, we have to change the way we live and even the way we think.”


During the video I meet with Ben Backwell CEO of GWEC to discuss our vision and collaboration. My work within schools and with young people will play a key role in our partnership.


Lewis Crathern - GWEC 2021


This is our new 16 page schools pack which I have designed. Take a look here at the full version. Every page down to each word has been thought out and has had input from qualified teachers.


Wonderfull Wind - Lewis Crathern


I care a lot about my work within schools, and I am really proud of this booklet. It gives the students something to go home with after our time together.


Lewis Crathern - GWEC 2021

Pictured above from the video: The simple act of flying a kite with somebody. There is no better way to feel the power of the wind.


This video was first shown to an audience at Shoreham Port during sustainability week in September. Watch the action from that event here which features the launch. The video will also feature at COP26 which is the 2021 United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow.

I would like to say thanks to Birchwood KIA Storrington for providing us with an electric car during the shooting of the film. I hope you enjoy it.

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