Kiteworld Issue #82 – Carine For The Planet


Carine Camboulives and her family went to Easter Island to see the Moai and the full extent of plastics in our oceans.


Marine litter is a serious problem threatening our oceans and, in ‘Carine For The Planet’, we find out more about the state of our oceans, even around the world’s most remote island – Rapa Nui


“There are currently five gyres of plastic in our oceans. These slow rotating whirlpools are created by currents, coupled with wind and the Earth’s rotation, where plastic trash circulating in the ocean accumulates, forming extensive patches of plastic trash (covering a total area equivalent to 20 times the size of Great Britain).”

You can read more about this worsening threat to marine (and human) life in the full feature in Issue #82 of the magazine and, in the mean time,  if you want to see a little more of what Carine, her husband Manu and their two daughters, Shade and Lou, experienced then check out this video from their trip to Rapa Nui.



This article appeared in Kiteworld Issue #82. Read the full fat and subscribe here:


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