Kite Park League 2019 results

The KPL rounds out 2018 at the Kite Mansion Open in Icapui, Brazil



Images: Andrea Magarao

The Kite Park League crew just wrapped up this year’s season at the end of three events. Brandon Scheid won the men’s division and rounded out an epic year that saw him win both the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational and Hood Jam while Karolina Winkowska took the women’s title after strong performances in the first two events which meant that, even though she missed the final event in Brazil due to injury, she’d still done enough to clinch the title!




Final Results


Kite Mansion Open – Men
1st place – Ramiro Gallart
2nd place – Ewan Jaspan
3rd place – Brandon Scheid


Kite Mansion Open – Women
1st place – Annelous Lammerts
2nd place – Colleen Carroll
3rd place – Sensi Graves


2018 Kite Park League – overall ranking men
1st place – Brandon Scheid
2nd place – Ewan Jaspan
3rd place – Noè Font
4th place – Alex Maes
5th place – Christophe Tack


2018 Kite Park League – overall ranking women
1st place – Karolina Winkowska
2nd place – Julia Castro
3rd place – Annelous Lammerts
4th place – Colleen Carroll
5th place – Sensi Graves


Best line contest powered by Picture Organic Clothing
1st place – Alex Maes (22 points)
1st place – Ewan Jaspan (22 points)
3rd place – Noè Font (22 points)


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