Kite Babes 2015 – Kite camp for girls

Kite Babes 2015 Kiteworld Magazine

Kite Babes girls kitesurfing clinic at Hangloose Beach

The third edition of Kite Babes has taken place, a kite camp dedicated to women. The camp, held at Hang Loose Beach Gizzeria from 10th to 16th August 2015, has previously received as many as 24 girls from different parts of Italy and Europe.


Kite Babes 2015 Kiteworld Magazine


For those still unfamiliar with this format, this now annual appointment at Hang Loose Beach, is a camp that engages the participants in the discipline of kitesurfing for a whole week, and is open to all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This formula has been tried out over the past three years with great success. A success demonstrated by the participation of a large number of girls in the event, proven by the high learning outcomes achieved at the end of the camp, and finally underlined by the camp’s great ability to bring together women of different age groups and different nationalities, allowing them to share, learn and improve their personal levels in the wonderful discipline of kitesurfing. But Kite Babes is not just sport!!! In fact, over the last three Kite Babe camps, we have seen the birth and growth of friendships; we have seen smiles and shared moments of fun, enjoyment among women and girls from different worlds and traditions.


Teaching is entrusted to top riders in international kitesurfing. This year it was Paula Novotna, European Champion in Freestyle and fourth in the world Freestyle rankings, and Francesca Bagnoli, Italian Freestyle Champion for several years as well as vice European Champion, who were tasked with teaching the girls this wonderful sport. In support of the two athletes there was also the whole International Hang Loose Beach kite school composed of 6 FIV recognised instructors, 5 brand new boats, and 2015 RRD equipment.


Kite Babes 2015 Kiteworld Magazine


The camp started on 10th August with the initial rally held at 10 am during which the programme for the entire week was presented, the top riders were introduced and there was a breakdown of the girls in homogeneous groups on the basis of age and skill level. The camp is designed to allow the girls to experience a new kind of event. The day began at 9am with a muscle toning activity conducted by Novotna. The activities ranged from yoga to stretching and running. After thorough physical training the various groups came together to start the theoretical part with their coaches and then moved on to the practical activities on the beach and in the water. In the evening, after hours of sporting activity mixed with generous amounts of laughter, encouragement, satisfaction and anger, there was a well-deserved rest with a drink at Hang Loose Beach. There was a nice mojito to be drunk on the sea shore to the tune of an amazing sunset with Stromboli smoking in the background, immersed in rich colours of red / orange.


After the first day of activities the groups had bonded and were enthusiastic and motivated. As tradition has it, the first day the organisation offered a great “Welcome Dinner” to all participants with the great cuisine provided by the Hang Loose Beach restaurant, and all served by the sea along with moonlight and great music that kept everyone dancing til dawn. The days continued with a balance of physical preparation, theoretical teaching, practice on and off the water and then a recreational evening.


The success of the camp is assured by the high probability of wind that the Gizzeria area guarantees. A thermal wind between 14-16 knots that is difficult to beat. This allows everyone to get a good result, i.e 90% of the girls at the end of the camp reached the goal that led them to take part in the camp and they often want to book again for the following year.


Kite Babes 2015 Kiteworld Magazine


This year the conditions were special. The girls worked in extreme conditions due to the particular climatic conditions that were happening virtually all over the world. The wind passed quietly by 14 knots, up to a difficult 11 knots, to extremes of 25/30 knots and when the wind failed us, the group moved on, going to catch the wind in other beautiful spots that Calabria offers. But no one is held back, all the girls found the game more interesting and managed eventually to reach an even higher level than expected.


In short, it was a complete experience that satisfied the organizers, instructors and participants together.


Our staff are already working towards the fourth edition of Kite Babes that later this year will ensure a memorable vacation to the theme of sports, great food, a sensational happy hour and parties on the beach.


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