Janek Grzegorzewski takes the crown at Full Power Tarifa 2021

An action packed day for Full Power Tarifa as the competitors and organisers were greeted to 30-40 knot Levante winds on Thursday, 20th of May 2021

Due to travel and health restrictions, it was not since October 2018 that the 1st Edition of this competition ran. History repeated itself this time as Janek Grezgoreswki returned to the podium to claim the crown. 

The competition saw a total of 42 riders giving it their all spread out into two categories: amateur and professional. It is amazing to see the level of riding in the amateur class, with all of the amateur finalists being well competent to ride in the pro division too. There were 4 women riding in the amateur division too as well as a young 11 year old, Leonardo Casati, who made it all the way to the finals. Well done to Milan Lukic for winning the amateur division. 

The pro division was highly contented with some of the industries seasoned veterans going against some of the rising talent for the first time ever. Liam Whaley lost to Janek in the semi-finals by a narrow 0.1 allowing Janek to progress to the final and ultimately win the event. The highest jump of the competition as measured by the Surfr app  went to Evan Klijn.


Pro division:

  1. Janek Grzegorzewski (PL)
  2. Giel Vlugt (HL)
  3. Andrea Principi (IT)

Amateur division:

  1. Milan Lukic (HL)
  2. Valentin Thomas (ESP)
  3. Leonardo Casati (IT)


You can watch the full live stream below –



The Big Air Kite League have collaborated with Full Power Tarifa to make this the 2nd stop of the BAKL world tour, now giving the rankings some depth. Be sure to check out the contest schedule for the upcoming year. 

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