Introducing the GKA 2021 Freestyle World Champions

GKA 2021 Freestyle World Champions

Media release, 15 November 2021

Words: GKA Media / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova


The final GKA Freestyle World Cup of the season is now complete, and yesterday in Cumbuco we crowned our new 2021 GKA Freestyle World Champions – Mikaili Sol and Arthur Guillebert. We took a moment to catch up with both of them to find out how it feels to finish the year on top.


GKA 2021 Freestyle World Champions


“It feels quite surreal, to be honest. I’m just really happy that we have competitions back again, with a World Title. I’m feeling really excited about everything at the moment, it’s really motivating and it’s a great feeling. Maybe try and get 11 World titles.” Mikaili Sol


Mikaili Sol - GKA 2021

Mikaili Sol / Photo: Svetlana Romantsova


“I feel so happy, super stoked about my season this year! I’ve been in Tarifa, where I won. I’ve trained a lot in both disciplines, and I like how the sport is turning to the most versatile and complete rider, being able to ride well in both big air and pure freestyle. I think it’s great how we can change the judging criteria according to the wind conditions” Arthur Guillebert


Arthur Guillebert - GKA 2021

Arthur Guillebert / Photo: Svetlana Romantsova


Read the full interview here



GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup at Superfoil Brazil

Next stop – Fortaleza! It’s time to head to the capital of the municipality of Ceará for the GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup at Superfoil Brazil. This will be a double event where you’ll see both hydrofoil freestyle and wingfoil action. This event will be live-streamed on GKA Facebook, YouTube and website, so mark your calendars for 16th – 21st of November!


GKA Superfoil Brazil 2021


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