Important Harness Safety Notice from ION

Hook safety



ION have sent out a safety notification recalling hooks on some of their harnesses.


Hook safety


Some of their aluminium hooks, as well as stainless-steel hooks from generation 1, have been noted to be prone to breakage. This can be due to non-conforming materials and an inconsistent production process in a certain batch. Even with the greatest diligence and foresight to technical problems with materials, unfortunately issues cannot be completely ruled out.

Because it cannot be assured beyond doubt that the built quality conforms to the required strength, ION have instigated a precautionary recall for all aluminium and stainless-steel hooks of generation 1.


Is my hook affected?


1. Affected are all aluminium hooks. These are identified by their black colour. Please see the picture below.

2. Affected are generation 1 stainless-steel hooks. These are identified by their metallic colour and having one single stainless-steel bridge. Please see the picture below.

Also note, that generation 2 stainless-steel hooks (identified by having two stainless-steel bridges) are not affected by the recall. Please see the picture below. This updated version features a revised construction.

Please contact the dealer you purchased the product from for who will replace the hook attached to your harness free of charge.

Use the dealer finder


In case you are not able to see your dealer in person, you will receive a new hook by postage. Please change the hook according to this manual.


ION apologise to all their customers for any concerns or inconvenience raised by this safety notice. If you have any questions or are uncertain what to do please contact your ION dealer.


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