HydroFoil Pro Tour 2018 – La Ventana – Day three

HFPT La Ventana

Challenging conditions for the fleet after the wind falters on day two


Words: Ella Johnson

Day three kicked off bright and early as the riders gathered around with fingers crossed, hoping for more wind than was experienced on day two. The wind gods delivered a breeze, albeit quite light and shifty, but nonetheless it was enough to hold four races.


HFPT La Ventana


Race three provided the most steady winds but it was still very shifty as they rounded the top mark. The majority of the fleet completed the course successfully, with another sweeping win from Olly Bridge for the men, and Daniella Moroz for the women (who, just the day before, was at the local clinic with a deep stingray sting).

Race four began shortly after with mostly steady winds. Competitors continued with big kites ranging between 18m and 21m. As the race progressed, the wind began to shift more easterly, and riders began to struggle. Nonetheless, the course was completed by most, with another win for Olly Bridge for the men, and Daniella Moroz for the women.


HFPT La Ventana


Race five was similar in nature, but Olly gave way to Axel Mazella, who took the win – a rare race that didn’t see a Bridge Brother in the top spot. After a quick lunch break, the weather continued to be unreliable and so the call was made to hold one last race.

This was definitely the most challenging with the wind blowing straight from the east and decreasing in strength late in the afternoon so the riders had a tough time getting off the beach as the wind began to retreat. Roughly half the fleet was able to make it back to shore, while the others patiently swam in or waited for boat assistance. Again, Olly Bridge managed to perform best in these shifty conditions, taking the win yet again and rounding out the day with the Bridge Bros and Team Flysurfer in pole position!


HFPT La Ventana


Full results here and more details at hydrofoilprotour.com

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