The Hood River Slider Jam is on!



The action gets underway with a solid wind forecast in Hood River!

Hood River Slider Jam


With a promising forecast for the day, despite some scattered clouds that would roll through, organizers gave the green light to start the competition yesterday in Hood River. First off, the men’s heats one through three took to the park and completed their first hits on the Cabrinha Transfer Box, the North Up-Down and the North Cheesewedge to Corrugated.


Hood River Slider Jam 1

Competitors eager to start the competition


Right out the gate it was clear that the competition would be tighter than ever with riders in men’s heat one going trick for trick and doing their best to increase the level of difficulty with each successive hit. Local rider Brandon Scheid was a standout in the first men’s heat scoring impressive hits on every slider in the park.


Hood River Slider Jam Brandon Scheid
Brandon Scheid holding it down for his hometown


Men’s heat two saw some of the toughest competition of the day and was stacked with four time Triple-S champion Sam Light, young ripper Noe Font, kiteboarding legend Jesse Richman and park aficionado Craig Cunningham who all put in solid performances across the board.


Hood River Slider Jam 3
Young rider, Noe Font giving the worlds top park riders a run for their money


With the start of men’s heat three, the front that had been looming on the horizon began to make it’s way closer to the park creating some fairly variable winds. Although riders had to come in and change kites, the winds held long enough to get a solid result for all three sliders and it was previous freestyle world champion, Christophe Tack, who laid down the highest scoring hits of his heat.


Hood River Slider Jam
Christophe Tack pulls out a few new moves


For the women’s division, all eight ladies would ride in one heat competing on the features in the same order as the men’s starting with the Cabrinha Transfer Box but only completing their hits up to the North Up-Down due to the approaching front and unsettling winds. With solid performances from all the women today, we expect to see nothing less when they resume their heat first thing Monday starting with the North Cheesewedge to Corrugated and then heading straight into the kickers.


Hood River Slider Jam Manuela Jungo
Manuela Jungo Tee’d up on the North Up-Down


Words – Colleen Carroll


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