Hood Jam 2019

Brandon Schied

The KPL hits Hood River

July 21-27th


It’s just nine days until the start of the 2019 Hood Jam presented by Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel


34 riders from 13 different countries are already confirmed and with equal prize amounts for both men’s and women’s podiums, the stakes are high!

Here’s what some of the riders had to say about ahead of Hood Jam..


Brandon Scheid



“I am hoping for an amazing time at the 2019 Hood Jam that’s for sure! The vibes in Hood are always amazing, and I hope that the KPL family will come together in classic fashion and put on an amazing event this year. I think it is going to be hard to find separation in the riders, and it will be the person that adapts to the gusty variable conditions found in Hood River. No matter what, it should be fun!” 

Karolina Winkowska



“The Hood Jam is such a fun event to compete in. Last year, we had some very challenging features set up in the park, as well as amazing conditions all week long. I would love to win this one, but my number one goal is to land a few solid tricks to show the kiteboarding progression in the women division. We are getting paid equally to men, and we really are pushing our boundaries to the next level.” 


Ramiro Gallart



“The Hood Jam is definitely the event where I feel the most part of a KPL family. We are all hanging together doing missions, bringing friends, and having an awesome time. Hope this year we get a skitzy setup to ride at the event. My expectation its not to land the hardest trick, but to have a bigger bag of them, practice more switch and new inverts.” 


Find out more about this season’s KPL events at www.kiteparkleague.com



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