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Inobo kiteboards

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Transparent, exoskeleton kiteboards. The future is here!


Inobo kiteboards


When INOBO started out they had one goal, to make something new that nobody had ever seen before. And a transparent, modular kiteboard is definitely that!

INOBO’s board is a combination of a lightweight carbon exoskeleton and interchangeable decks that you can change for your own riding level, style, the spot you’re riding at or the conditions. 




The carbon exoskeleton gives the board stiffness, while the range of decks – that includes carbon, transparent plastic and wood – lets you choose and switch between them to change the shape and material of the board for varying levels of flex and responsiveness. 

You can buy the decks separately and chop and change depending on what your session throws at you, and INOBO are working towards offering customised graphics on all of them!

See the INOBO board in action below



Find out more about INOBO and how you can test one of their boards at

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