SAS launch the ‘Generation Sea’ campaign


The pressure is on save the oceans

 One sea bird or marine mammal dies every 30 seconds due to plastic pollution. It’s time to put pressure on Parliament to help stop the slaughter


With 95% of the planet’s oceans unexplored, and scientists knowing more about the face of Mars than the sea floor, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) want to highlight the threat of plastic pollution to the many species that are yet to be uncovered, as well as those that are already known to be dying as a result of human actions.

SAS is calling on people from across the UK to sign its #GenerationSea petition to call on the Prime Minister to introduce legislative change to save the seas, and the creatures that live within them. The petition hopes to see the government take decisive action before it’s too late and establish a powerful independent watchdog to protect the oceans and wider natural environment as part of an ambitious Environment Bill, while enforcing specific targets relating to plastic waste and carbon emissions for government and big business.

SAS’s new film – ‘Creature’ – shows the reactions of people discovering the an animal washed up and fighting for its life on a UK beach.




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