Duotone launch the 2022 Dice SLS

DuoTone Dice SLS



Media release from Duotone, 20th September 2021

The ultimate quiver killer infamous for its unbelievable performance in freestyle, mega loops and even in the waves, just got the SLS upgrade resulting in next-level performance and even more direct handling. Where the Dice has already left its mark in the industry as an incredibly versatile all-rounder, boasting an army of fans worldwide, the leap in performance that the Strong – Superior – Light version of it is about to shock the kite world with, doesn’t happen very often.



Due to the use of a carefully resourced, innovative material mix, the original kite design got a complete makeover advancing performance features and flying characteristics of the DuoTone Dice SLS to a level that was previously simply impossible. With a 15% weight reduction to the original model, the new, stiffer Penta TX frame construction combined with the Trinity TX canopy has made the Dice SLS far more responsive in the air with an increased overall wind range. The kite jumps higher, hangs in the air for longer and offers even more control sending it in mega loops. But that’s not it! The Duotone team also tweaked the kite’s unhooked performance as well as its drifting abilities for the waves.

If your riding is not defined by one category, the Dice SLS is a finely tuned weapon and your partner in crime that will catapult your riding to the next level!


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DuoTone Dice SLS - Ralf Grosel


Going behind the design of the all-new 2022 Dice SLS, Duotone Designer Ralf Grösel fills us in on the geometry and profile changes he needed to make to the original Dice design in order to integrate the stiffer Penta TX material resulting in an enormous leap in performance. Pointing out the biggest improvements of the entire SLS development, Ralf speaks about the time testing with Aaron Hadlow and Marian Hund in South Africa and Namibia, and taking advantage of the feedback from the already released first edition Neo SLS and Evo SLS. Furthermore, Ralf shares with us his recommended settings and why his comparison of the Dice SLS to the original Dice is like comparing a Porsche 911 GT3 to a standard Porsche 911.


Read more on the design from Ralf Grosel here:



DuoTone Dice SLS - Lasse Walker


International team riders Lasse Walker and Val Garat already have had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the brand-new Dice SLS. Sharing their impressions and pointing out what differences they feel the Penta TX and SLS construction brings to the new design, they let us in on their favourite bar and line set-ups, ideal air pressure and further pro tips for the perfect tuning of the Dice SLS.


Read the full review from Lasse & Val here:



Dice SLS in a nutshell

The Duotone Dice SLS 2022 is your Dice on steroids! Faster, higher, lighter, easier to loop, more explosive and direct: the Dice SLS takes the traditional Dice to the next level. The new Penta TX makes the Dice SLS 15% lighter and 50% stiffer compared to the original model. It’s the ultimate weapon of choice for the progressive rider frothing to push the limits across several disciplines and enter a new dimension of riding!


DuoTone Dice SLS


Performance features:

  • Extremely powerful lift – massive jumps and hangtime
  • Incredibly direct bar feedback and steering
  • Perfect for megaloops and downloops
  • Impressive unhooked performance, fine-tuned for passes
  • Increased drift ability


Technical details:

  • Penta TX frame construction
  • Up to 15% lighter than normal constructions, due to material mix and Penta TX
  • Several tip tuning options
  • Pulleyless bridle system
  • Four or five line set up (5th line not included)


R&D trip to Namibia

The R&D team are always finding solutions. Normally that is for requests from our customers and team riders. This time midway through the annual test trip in South Africa, things got a little hectic and the needed stay productive.


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