Day Three – HydroFoil Pro Tour La Ventana, Mexico

The action hots up for the final day of racing approach in La Ventana


Hydrofoil Pro Tour Press Release – Words: Olivia Rose

On day two of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour the wind was light and steady, 8-11 knots for Races 6, 7, and 8. Direction was 355 degrees to 20 degrees magnetic. Race 9 – light and steady 6 knots, most of the riders had to swim in this one, therefore the race was abandoned. The sea state was blue, flat water, light seaweed.

The forecast for March 28th, day two showed a building breeze coming in at 18-24 knots towards the middle of the day – much different than previous days. The sea state was choppy with heavy wind swell. Rob Dean scheduled and achieved six successful races for day three with full power and live action with Joey Pasquali streaming LIVE on Facebook. 

Top competitors who were battling it out in the stronger winds were Nico Parlier putting up some stiff competition, riding Ozone kites with a Mike’s Lab foil, Maxime Nocher on Enata, Olly Bridge flying Flysurfer, riding Levitaz and Axel Mazella with F-one and Taaora. Riccardo Leccese is also performing spectacularly, sponsored by Ozone riding Mike’s Lab foil.


Today’s protests amongst the riders were primarily related to tangles. The conditions went from calm to almost still on day two, compared to 20-25 knots of consistent wind on day three gusting up to 30 knots. Needless to say there were some hostile tangles happening on the water, some protest while many hug it out on the beach. The thermal adds 7-10 knots to the forecast in La Ventana so seems like yesterday’s thermal wind surprised many of the riders who are just discovering the destination. La Ventana lived up to its reputation and has delivered various wind conditions for the riders to compete in – there are no excuses in this race. Light wind to high winds, the race has provided all conditions.

Many competitors, like Ejder Ginyol from TUR, Bitna KOR, John Von Tesmar USA, chose to spend the entire season in La Ventana thanks to the various training opportunities the wind conditions provide throughout the late fall and winter months. There are steady winds until late April and in May as summer sets in, the magical thermal effects starts to fade but the bay continues to get a steady breeze from the East of 12 – 15 knots every afternoon.

Playa Central has played host to hydrofoil racing since 2014, first and foremost because this type of event stimulates riders and manufacturers while pushing their design and creative process to their limit by going as fast as they can in all conditions. Many of the manufacturers come to La Ventana to get some R&D done – amongst them, Matt Taggart with Ozone, Benni Boelli with Flysurfer, Adrian Geislinger with Levitaz.

The forecast for day four shows steady wind coming in all day through the north and we’ll be bringing you the full account of the days racing soon.


Results at the end of day three


1- Olly Bridge

2- Maxime Nocher

3- Axel Mazella

4- Riccardo Leccesse

5- Florian Gruber


1- Daniela Moroz

2- Gina Hewson

3- Catherine Dufour



Stay tuned for the updates from day four and the finals and learn more about the tour at

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