Camille Delannoy joins F-One & Manera International Team

Camille Delannoy joins F-One & Manera International team Kiteworld Magazine 2016

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Media Release 2016

Camille Delannoy joins the F-One & Manera International Team


Camille is a young French rider of 17 years old and lucky enough to spend 8 months a year in Brazil plus another 4 up in the mountains in France. Coming from the ski, this passionate of strapless and wave riding creates a huge playground for his training. His progression is considerable, so let’s keep an eye on him, you will be surprised!



Let’s find out a little more about Camille:

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for and what’s your favorite spot?

“I’ve been Kitesurfing since 2011. My favorite spot is my home spot: Prea in Brasil. It’s just perfect.”

What’s a perfect session for you?

“25-30 knots with some nice wave series & a session where I will pass a new trick (because it’s really cool when I get it) ….but, unfortunately, it is not every day…… and, for sure, a good downwind with my family (parents & sister) or friends, it’s really cool too.”

What is your life philosophy?

“Have a good time all the time.”


Discover Camille’s complete profile online:

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