Cabrinha 00 Product Presentation Live Video

Cabrinha 00 Collection launch video

Streamed on Wednesday 23rd September, join Pete Cabrinha, Dave Hastilow and Lars Moltrup as they run you through the new Cabrinha collection. Find the time stamps for each product below the video so you can skip to those if you want. 


What Cabrinha say:
The year 2020 kicked off a new beginning for Cabrinha. A virtual resetting of the clock – 00:00 – This iconic timestamp marked a clear turning point in the trajectory of our brand, our sports, and the world’s collective understanding of the things that matter the most.

As we move forward we are driven by the cross pollination between sports, allowing you to maximize your time on the water. We are developing more hybrid design scenarios that expand on performance, increase safety, and deliver on the experience you expect from us. We are committed to helping you to realize your best life. We ‘re in this for good … We ‘re in this for life.

0:00 Intro
1:43 – Pete Cabrinha Introduction
2:48 – Surf Collection
6:05 – Spade
7:55 – S Quad
9:14 – X-Breed
10:48 – Cutlass
12:10 – Foil Boards
14:08 – X-Fly
16:04 – Macro
16:37 – Autopilot
19:13 – Special Agent
21:28 – Cab Fusion Hydrofoil System
29:05 – Crosswing X2
38:30 – Icon Series

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