Blue Palawan Open 2017 – Registration Day

Blue Palawan Open 2017 - Registration

Place your bets please!


Blue Palawan in the Philippines has once again opened its doors to the first stop of the second year of the Kite Park League world tour. A pure park riding tour for the most legitimate rail riding kiters in the world, who will be crowned 2017 champion of the Solaire Blue Open?

With some of the most influential riders from across the globe choosing to kick off the season with this event, there’s something to be said about how the competition sets the bar for the season that follows. The park, the features, the backing and the overall setup, there’s no doubt that the synergy between the organisation and the riders make it something to be recognised.

Blue Palawan saw riders arrive even months prior to the event and then drip feed into the core collective. Fresh from the King Of The Air, Aaron Hadlow joined Tom Court at the prestigious Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila for a pre-game debrief. Following a fun-filled few days, they flew to Palawan – voted the world’s most beautiful island by Conde Nast traveller – in the comfort of Air Asia who welcomed their mountains of board bags without blinking – something that is almost unheard of with other airlines.

The inaugural dinner that highlights the official kick off saw all riders come together and generate organic hype that represents the KPL and all that it stands for. The tight knit crew of riders took advantage to meet-and-great the immense international media and local sponsorship support.


Blue Palwan 2017 - Opening dinner

The vibe was palpable and we can’t wait to see what the riders, features and support will bring. No doubt there will be innovative riding and exciting things to come.





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