Blue Palawan Open 2017 – Day 3 Action

Blue Palawan Open 2017

Let the games commence!

Day 3 of the Solaire Blue Open 2017 was greeted with textbook conditions for the competition to get underway. Riders gathered for their final briefing from the event organisers and judges, before undertaking their pre-game rituals and preparations.



As the heats got underway, the inevitable elimination and progression process ensued. In an event such as this, anything goes. The judging criteria is strict and demanding, and every competitor is prepped to and ready rise to the challenge.

No doubt that the level of riding across the board was more than impressive, with kiteboarding’s biggest names making the line-up. With individual style shining through from each rider, there were a few epic moments and ‘firsts’ that saw the spectators and fellow riders stand up from their seats!

Brandon Shied from the US stomped a Moby Dick 5 on the ‘Solaire kicker’, securing him an 8.5 and the highest score of the day. Noe Font from Spain and international North Kiteboarding team rider topped the leader board with a 6.5 on the ‘It’s More Fun In The Philippines’ roof top, with a ledge transfer back tail.



However, with all the innovative riding and style throughout the day, there was one rider that shone brighter than the rest and that was Annelous Lammerts. Not only did she gain the highest score – 6.5 – on the North Kiteboarding fun box with a transfer 270 front board, but she was the first woman Ever in a park riding event, to land a toe back 5 (a double handlepass) off the ‘Solaire Kicker’.


Current heat standings are as follows:

1st – Annelous Lammerts
2nd – Isabel von Zastrow
3rd – Colleen Carroll
4th – Sensi Graves
5th – Manuela Jungo
6th – Victoria Soloveykina

Men’s heat 1:
1st – Ewan Jaspan
2nd – Noe Font
3rd – Aaron Hadlow
4th – Aymeric Martin
5th – Phil Larcher
6th – Nico Ettiene
7th – Doque De Los Santos

Men’s heat 2:
1st – Brandon Scheid
2nd – Craig Cunningham
3rd – Christophe Tack
4th – Pierre Vogel
5th – Axel tack
6th – Alex Maes
7th – Mathias Hofmeister

Men’s heat 3:
1st – Sam Light
2nd – Eric Reinstra
3rd – Sam Medysky
4th – Ramiro Gallart
5th – Aleksandr Minov
6th – Christian Tio
7th – Nicloas Gilomen


Watch the official day 3 update video here:


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