Big Action Leads The Way To The GKA Kite-Surf World Tour Finals

Airton Cozzolino

Yesterday’s howling winds in Sotavento, Fuerteventura gave us some of the most impressively technical heats we’ve ever seen in the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour.


Airton high inverted grab

Airton Cozzolino with a high inverted grab.


In the run up to the quarter finals we got to see a show unlike any other where strapless freestyle was taken to new dizzying heights. Matchu Lopes commented on how hard he had to concentrate as strong gusty conditions meant athletes were needing to innovate while out on the water pushing the limits of this relatively new discipline.

Matchu won his first heat through flawless consistency against Laurens Karls-Kittel and Jorge Suarez. Double front, double back, and a backroll kite loop seamlessly secured Matchu through to the quarter finals.


Matchu Lopes

Matchu Lopes


The best heat of the day saw Paulino Pereira up against James Carew where both competitors performed first evers for new tricks in the sport. James landed a toe-side frontside 3 with a shuvit 3, although it still wasn’t quite enough to go through. Paulino scored his win with a new boogie loop rodeo (a big kite loop where he sent the kite back through the window while his body went into a front roll and at the same time his board was locked between his legs).


Paulino Pereira

Paulino Pereira put on an impressive show


Despite action like we’ve never seen before, Airton Cozzolino once again stole the show and landed a big boogie loop rodeo, as well as variations on a back roll kite loop tick tack which includes a hand board spin.

Drilling Down To Technicalities – Back Roll Kite Loop Tick Tack

To give a clearer picture on what’s involved to pull off the move, here’s the steps broken down:

  • Control the board on take-off (remember the athletes were dealing with super strong winds and high speed gusts).
  • Show the base of the board to the wind as you go into a back roll.
  • Take the board into your hand as you send the kite into a kite loop.
  • As the kite comes up through the loop, spin the board 360 with one hand and catch it again as you traverse the skyline.
  • Maintain your forward flight by keeping power in your kite without it stalling overhead as you drop down.
  • Throw a one handed rescue heli loop as you come at speed trying to get the board securely underfoot to land.

Watch The Riders Make It Look Easy:



Today’s Quarter Final Heats Will Be:

Camille Delannoy vs Keahi de Aboitiz

Matchu Lopes vs Simon Joosten

Gustavo Arrojo vs AIRton Cozzolino

Paulino Pereira vs Mitu Monteiro






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