Battle for The Bay 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

Battle for the Bay 2016

Battle for The Bay 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

Battle for The Bay 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

Press Release #1 from the btfb2016 #puremagic team!

An introduction to Ireland’s biggest event, starting this weekend!

Watching “Lords of Dogtown” keeps reminding me the first years of Pure Magic & the first battles, the friends and the competitions, the passionate rides, endless sessions, the good days and the long nights. We grew up – and the Battle did, too…



Wherever we were – for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUPing, riding or living the dream – Ireland became the obvious place to settle down and start long term projects. The kitesurfing school first, the shop in Dublin, a strong team with crazy and talented riders on board, the trips, the Achill Island Watersport Centers… and of course the 2 Battles – like 2 sisters: Battle for the Lake In Co Mayo, West of Ireland (the Woodstock of Kitesurfing) and Battle for the Bay, Dublin, Dollymount Beach, for the Kings & Queens!

This Battle is a celebration, a pure celebration of good people, famous or cool, young or wise, Irish (but not always), family or singles, riders but not mandatory… Whatever can be done on a beach, on the Liffey or in the air will be done once again during this BTFB2016!

4 days to go… 4 days to wait… but start to check out for the mighty program with the International Boarder-X Event and the kitesurfing ambassadors.



Look out for tomorrow’s press release that will focus on legends who have participated, or will participate, in the BTFB.

Welcome to the Fun!

Pure Magic Team.


Pure Magic Battle for the Bay Official video 2015


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