Alex Caizergues set a new world speed record

He clocked 57.97 knots


Images: Greg Beneteau / Salt and Sand

On the 13th of November, at the Salt and Speed World Sailing Record Attempt that took place in the Salin-de-Giruad Canal in Arles, France, Alex Caizergues set a new world kiting speed record of 57.97 knots across a 500 metre course in winds gusting up to 70 knots!

He beat his previous record of 56.62 knots no less than three times during the day and, speaking afterwards, Alex said that he’s now setting his sights on the 60 knot barrier. This latest record brings him closer to the absolute speed sailing record of 65.45 knots which was set in the VESTAS Sailrocket 2 boat and he’ll be pushing to go even faster in December if the Mistral winds deliver!



Alex rides production gear for his record attempts and you can check out the board he was riding as he hit speeds of 65 mph / 105 here kph here! 




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