The new Airush Session kite and Surf Series boards

Kyle Cabano - Airush Session


We’ve had the new Airush Session 9m kite on test for a few weeks. A highly tuned wave kite that delivers easy boost and inspires confidence to progress quickly with your kite loops. Look out for the full review in the new issue #106, launching next weekend at It’s so much fun on a surfboard, twin-tip and foil. 


Here’s the official release info from Airush, including details of the Surf Series boards:  

(You may even notice a quote from our editor Jim in there, too! It’s a cracking kite!)

The Session

Perfect drift, agile turning, and effortless boost, the Session is for the rider wanting a versatile surf oriented kite with performance freeride capabilities.

Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridles let you choose between more direct steering with an on-off power delivery, or smooth and progressive gust response with light bar pressure. Either way, your Session is bound to be all time.


Kyle Cabano - Airush Session


Developed with our Surf and Strapless team, Reider Decker, Oswald Smith, Gage Fitcher and Charlie Wise to ensure that it meets the demand of the surf purist, while new signing, Spanish Champion Kiko Torres highlights the strapless potential of the Session. At the same time Kite Designer Mark Pattison, worked to increase the overall Freeride performance of the Session, creating a kite that sits perfectly in the Wave, Strapless and Freeride space.

This will be the only kite in the range offering both fixed and pulley bridle option, which will offer a significant unique selling point for riders looking at a huge level of versatility.

The Session has been developed to have a broad reach from wave purists all the way to twintip riding.

Jim Gaunt, Kiteworld editor gave us his personal insight during an early test: Keep an eye out for the full review in issue 106, launching soon.

“Just wanted to say I had the perfect session on the Session yesterday. 9m fantastic on the surfboard then came in and switched to the twin-tip for fun jumping and looping around. For freeride hooked in an absolute blast. A real rally car and I felt energized by it.”


New Comp V4

Kicking off the Surf Range is the new Comp. Developed with South African Oswald Smith and Australian Charlie Wise; the Comp is typical to the requirements of their home conditions ideal for down the line and faster waves.

For the V4 we focused on improving the high-speed control of the comp, enabling you to ride faster and deal with bigger surf.


New AMP V4

As the ultimate all around board, we worked with Reider Decker to develop a product that was comfortable, from side shore, to onshore and even throwing in some flat water strapless puntability.

We improved the AMPs performance at higher speed and faster waves by reducing the width and reducing the rail thickness, without losing the perfect all-around blend.

The New Cypher V3

An exciting new addition to the 2021 range is the Cypher V3. Developed specifically for strapless prodigy Kiko Torres, the parallel outline and square tail creates a shape comfortable at high speed, while the compact outline is ideal for throwing around or boosting.

The Reflex Wood option includes a quad fin option for high speed strapped riding, while the Reflex Carbon Innegra is optimized as a 3 fin for light weight and dedicated strapless performance.




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