Airush Launch A New Customisable Wave Kite

Airush Wave v8

The new Airush Wave kite has just drifted onto the scene boasting more refined features than ever for its 8th version.

The 2019 model has a new customisable bridle system allowing riders to choose between more direct power and steering capabilities using the fixed bridle option, or the ease of control with the classic Airush pulley system.


Airush Wave v8


The Wave continues to be a great choice for directional riders that can’t get enough of powered driving turns but want a smooth delivery that will enhance performance. The new wingtip shape for V8 ensures gusts will go unnoticed and gives greater stability for those strapless airs.

Both fixed and standard pulley bridle options come included, allowing advanced riders to favour the more immediate steering and less bar input that’s offered by the fixed option.


New V8 Benefits

  • More responsive steering
  • Better drift
  • Customisable
  • Greater stability in gusts


Airush Bridle Technology


As ever, Airush continues to push the boundaries in innovative design which we definitely see in the new Wave V8. Keeping in mind ways of developing environmentally sustainable options, the Wave comes packed in its own recycled kite bag made from waste plastic bottles and is built to be durable enough to last.


See the Wave in action:

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