Air Games Finals beckon in Fehmarn

GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup



Take a look forward to the final GKA Kiteboarding World Tour stop of the season – the Air Games Fehmarn!


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

The stage is set / Photo: Act Agency

This weekend will see the final fixture of the 2018 GKA Kiteboarding World Tour kick off in Fehmarn, Germany; one of Germany’s most popular kiting destinations that’s played host to some legendary kiteboarding World Tour events over the years.


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

The GKA Cabarete podium placers / Photo: Genesis Reyes

After a stunning event in Cabarete last month, where Carlos Mario topped the men’s division podium for the first time this season, Jesse Richman still holds the overall lead but there’s only 33 points between him and Carlos who was near-faultless in both the single and double elimination finals.

Whichever of the riders wins in Fehmarn will take the title so it’s going to be a tense event for them both!


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Jesse in Tarifa / Photo: Toby Bromwich

Jesse’s been ultra-strong at the last two events in Tarifa and Cabarete, and the mixture of big air and technical freestyle that this tour demands of the riders certainly suits his riding style, but a summer event in Europe could potentially spell light winds and Jesse himself will tell you that ‘Bebe’ can really pull ahead in those conditions so it’s going to be a tight one!


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Carlos ‘The Machine’ Mario / Photo: Genesis Reyes

Posito Martinez, who’s 99 points behind Carlos in third after a strong event at home in Cabarete, would also have a shot at the title if Carlos was to finish fourth or lower and if Jesse was to only get as far as sixth place in Fehmarn.


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Posito Martinez smiling on the job in Cabarete / Photo: Genesis Reyes

There are other riders with potential routes to a podium finish as well. Nicolas Delmas, who has been very consistent this season to retain fourth overall, and Maxime Chabloz who managed second place in Tarifa could both still finish 2018 in third if things go their way.


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Maxime Chabloz going HUGE during a tow-up session in Leucate / Photo: Toby Bromwich

In the women’s division, Mikaili Sol, Hannah Whiteley and Pippa Van Iersel have all been unshakable in first, second and third respectively and Mikaili and Hannah have met in three final heats so far with Mika taking the win each time.

However, with Hannah holding such a tight grip on second, there are now only 66 points between her and first place and she could still clinch the title at the last minute if Mika was to finish third or lower.


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Mikaili Sol – triple front roll / Photo: Genesis Reyes

There’s no clear indication that that’ll happen though. Mika’s been very consistent this season and the five time Junior World Champion has proven that she can perform under pressure too but she doesn’t have Hannah’s experience on a full scale professional freestyle tour and so an overall victory for her in the women’s division is far from a done deal just yet!


GKA Air Games Fehmarn - Kitesurf World Cup

Hannah Whiteley soars to second at Kite Beach in Cabarete / Photo: Genesis Reyes

So it’s all still to play for in Fehmarn this month and neither of our current tour leaders is going to have an easy run at securing their World Titles if their fellow competitors have anything to say about it!







1: Jesse Richman (USA) – 4167 pts

2: Carlos Mario (BRA) – 4134 pts

3: Posito Martinez (DOM) – 4034 pts

4: Nicolas Delmas (FRA) – 3937 pts

5: Maxime Chabloz (FRA) – 3903 pts



1: Mikaili Sol (BRA) – 4200 pts

2: Hannah Whitely (UK) – 4134 pts

3: Pippa van Iersel (NL) – 4068 pts

4: Pauline Valesa (FRA) – 3969 pts

5: Osaia Reding Commaille (FRA) – 3936 pts


Find the full 2018 season rankings here.


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