Most Wanted Christmas List


Most Wanted Christmas List

Our comprehensive list of awesome gift ideas that will just about fit in a Christmas stocking!


Brunotti Bravery Boot

To avoid potential frostbite this winter while rigging up on the beach, the Bravery is Brunotti’s most substantial boot designed for the most frigid of waters. Featuring Haloflex lining, clean lock seams and a flexible mid-sole for a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on warmth!


LiP Sunglasses

The Surge is LiP’s new watershade and features 100% UV resistant polarized lenses that are hydrophobic and scratch resistant for improved durability. The lightweight and flexible TR90 frame has a built-in vortex vent system to prevent fogging while out on the water and the lenses have an increased curve radius so that they don’t limit peripheral vision. Coming complete with a bombproof leash and retainer system, an EVA case and microfiber cleaning bag – this is the equivalent of those futuristic outer space vision goggles you wanted for Christmas back in ‘88, but for real and for adults, now!




The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is your ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure. Although not necessarily designed with watersports in mind it’s a great bit of wearable kit if you want to track your sessions, check out your tops and average speeds and see how far you’ve travelled during a day on the water. Additionally, it’s a cool enough looking watch to wear day to day and is one of the best GPS watches on the market and syncs up to a heart monitor should you want to use it when doing other sports (there are sports other than kiteboarding apparently).


Suunto Ambit 3



WIN BIG with Kiteworld!

This issue we’re going to be treating four lucky readers to prizes in our subscriber draw. Providing great experiences on the water, we have two sets of Snugs custom-fit earphones and two PIQ / North Kiteboarding motion sensor devices to give away!

All you have to do to be entered into the draw is make sure you have a valid subscription to Kiteworld in either the print or digital editions (or have a combo subscription to both) on the 5th January 2017.

Kiteworld Magazine - Subscriber Prize

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The PiQ and North Kiteboarding motion sensor is a highly advanced wearable kiteboarding technology with a real time display that shows the height of jumps as they’re happening. The mobile app also provides precise data and unique session insights once back on the beach / in the pub.



Riding waves backside can be a tricky beast to master, but after 30 minutes of Progression’s infamously detailed instructional insight, you’ll have a clear understanding of how your kite and board can work more in harmony together with the ever changing waves. You can find gift vouchers for all of the Progression kiteboarding and kitesurfing video collections on their site.






These custom-fit headphones offer unparalleled levels of comfort and extremely high sound quality. The Aqua Set combines either the Snugs K1 waterproof earphone or the Pure waterproof headband MP3 player with Snugs’ perfect custom fit, allowing you to blast out your favourite playlists while shredding on the water!



RSPRO HexaTraction pads

An alternative to wax, the HexaTraction pads work in any temperature and are light, thin and fully translucent, providing brilliant grip for your front foot. They don’t melt like wax and won’t leave residue all over your car seats. They also aren’t irritating to your skin, so you can surf with them too and they’re easy to install thanks to their modular shape.





Patagonia’s Nano Puff is a stow-able jacket with a PrimaLoft® lining that handles moisture far better than a normal down jacket. The PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco lining includes 55% recycled polyester insulation – the use of which saves more than two million plastic bottles from the landfi ll every year. It’s available with or without a hood, as a gilet and in a men’s and women’s fit.




ION Safety Beanie

The ION Safety Beanie is a neoprene beanie which keeps your head nice and warm when you’re out in colder waters and is an ideal option if you normally wear a hoodless suit. It’s also highly visible with a reflective strip so could literally save your life if you get into trouble in the winter, when days are shorter, and a rescue team needs to look for you in failing light.

Ion Safety Beanie


Ocean Rodeo

The aptly named Big Pump comes with a massive 2.9L chamber and a high volume double action valve to get you pumped up and on the water in a hurry. Combining an extra tall body with high air fl ow piston, anti sand seals and intake filter, a convertible single action valve for double the PSI, a reliable pressure gauge and three attachment fittings, it’s ready to work with any kite on the market.





An upgrade to a Windguru Pro account is the gift that keeps on giving! Providing access to detailed WRF forecasts that are updated three times per day, the forecast maps can give you a greater insight to upcoming weather and you’ll also enjoy Windguru advert-free, too!

WindGuru Pro


Slingshot KiteFoil Academy

The Slingshot Kite Foil Academy is a comprehensive online instructional course designed for user-friendly foiling progression. The course utilizes Slingshot’s multi-mast Foiling Flight School system and Hover Glide foil and breaks the learning process down to the basics across nearly a dozen different chapters giving you the skills you will need to become a proficient foiler. It’s also a free service so is an ideal gift to yourself if you’re looking to get foiling cracked next season!





This wearable safety device can be mounted directly to your harness and it’s designed for ‘rough’ use so perfect for kiteboarding or other water sports. The RESTUBE sports also can be used for any other water related activities and is a great bit of kit for anyone who wants some extra ‘float’ to rely on should they get into trouble in the water.



Kiteworld Subscription

Kiteworld is the best source on the planet for equipment reviews, insight to aid better riding and inspiration to fuel kiters until their next session. A subscription is the ideal gift and when you sign up for a print or combo print-and-digital subscription, we will also send you a free Kiteworld T-shirt as well as our free 2017 140+ page Travel Guide supplement! It’s three prezzies in one… and comes six times a year!



Considering treating someone (or yourself) to some new hardware this Christmas? Then check out our gear tests for a bit of guidance!

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