Most Wanted Christmas List


The 2017 KW X-Mas gift guide


Our round-up of some of the latest and greatest Christmas gifts for kiters



If you struggle to get out for a dawnie without coffee then you don’t need to resort to the drive-thru. Aeropress is the coffee maker of choice at the KW office. Lightweight and highly transportable, it makes an incredible brew with no plastic waste!

Price: £25 / $30 / €30





The Toccoa is a 28 litre heavyweight, waterproof daysack that’ll keep your beach essentials clean and dry. Featuring mesh side pockets for water bottles, the bag is available in green, blue and matt black.

Price: £50 / $75 / €55



Kitesurfing is happening all over the world, and this map shows it! Decorate your wall with it and dream about visiting all 500 of the listed spots! 

Price: £26 / $35 / €30




The Blawesome is a powerful centrifugal blower that blasts warm air through your suit so that it gently inflates and dries. The Blawesome is also a great way to dry your wetsuit in summer as you don’t have to leave it in direct sunlight, which reduces a suit’s lifespan.

Price: £106 / $141 / €119




Buoy Wear hats are possibly the world’s first ever floating hats. Thanks to their 100% waterproof and antimicrobial floating core, they also won’t lose shape when dunked in the sea. Available in a range of colours, they look good worn on land, too!

Price: £22.50 / $30 / €25




Chickendick have a wide range of garms for both men and women that feature awesome kiteboarding-inspired designs on 100% cotton T-shirts and high-quality hoodies. They also make snapbacks, beanies, scarves and rash vests.

Pictured hoody price: £65 / $90 / €74.95




Dakine are a super high-quality accessory brand, making everything from snow and surf gear, to kite harnesses, bags and pads. On a budget but looking for something useful that’ll last? Check out this little padded POV camera case that’s ideal for a GoPro with moveable partitions and a zippered pocket to keep all the parts contained and organized.  

Price: £17.99 / $20 / €20 

Dakine POV Case


This repair kit will help fix almost any kite-mare, whether it’s damaged ripstop or Dacron fabrics or rubber components, like bladders and valves. The tough travel box can be chucked into a bag without worrying about losing all the bits and the how-to guide will help minimise your time off the water.

Price: £35 / $50 / €39.99


DocTuba Kite Repair Kit



Okay, you really need to think quite highly of the person you’re gonna get this for, but the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is sleek, compact and can stay airborne for 30 minutes. It’s 60% quieter than previous models and has a 4K camera that shoots on a 3-axis gimbal that’ll help score epic shots. Don’t love the person that much? Read on then! 

Price: £1,199 / $1,099 / €1,299




Perhaps the reason you’ve decided not to buy your loved one a DJI Mavic drone is becaus they regularly hang their wetsuit in the shower, then this item could be an ideal gift that you’ll both benefit from. The Dry Bag is a showerproof zip-up bag with a water reservoir at the bottom that collects water as the suit drips dry. A heavy-duty carabiner and lanyard can easily take the load of a heavy, wet wetsuit while the wide arm hanger won’t damage the shoulders of the suit, either.

Price: £60 / $80 / €68




These fin protectors are a great solution for being able to leave the fins on a board without risking damage to other items in the bag when travelling. Clips and tie-wraps are included to allow use with fins of all shapes and sizes. 100% organic cotton tees, hoodies and more, made in an ethical, wind-powered factory in the UK, are also found at the Forty1 website. 

Price: £30 / $40 / €34





The GoPro Hero 6 is the gold standard of POV cams. Durable and waterproof, it shoots in 4K and super-slow motion and the latest model has improved Wi-Fi transfer speeds. A multitude of available mounts allow a shredder’s creative urges to soar.

Price: £500 / $500 / €560




This waterproof seat towel is a must-have for driving home in a wetsuit without ruining the car seats. It comes in one size and fits almost any seat. If you’d also rather avoid boards being stuffed in the car, ION also do roof rack pads and straps in different widths.

Price: £40 / €65 / €45




KW is a kitesurfer’s best source for gear reviews, insight and a guaranteed healthy brain feed. A subscription includes six issues a year, plus a copy of the annual KW Travel Guide. Choose from print or digital subscription options, though we’d recommend  the print/digital combo which includes a hard copy, a the digital version for phones / tablets / computers and a free T-shirt!

Subscriptions start from just £9 / US$14 / €13


Thought the subscription idea was great, but it turns out they’re already sorted? We’ve just launched our new Kiteworld Never Come Down tees, so if you’re still keen to keep this whip-cracked magazine staff off the breadline this Christmas.

Price: £15 / $20 / €17.50



For any kiter planning a wave focused trip this winter, the Star Wave bag has 8mm padding and enough room for a surfboard and a couple of kites as well.

Price: £75 / $90 / €85




The Northcore Keypod 5Gs features a thick alloy body, a lid with additional strengthening struts to prevent flex, a strong fastening mechanism and a 10mm steel shackle to attach to your vehicle.

Price: £25 / $35 / €28



The latest Oceanus EEL leash is robust, durable, light and compact and is the best way for a new rider to stay connected to their board after a wipeout. Rated to take a 270 lb load, the reinforced extended rubber shock cord also absorbs much of the impact when the cord stretches. 

Price: £45 / $70 / €50




The Micro Puff hoody is Patagonia’s lightest, most packable jacket. Staying toasty when wet, the Micro Puff provides excellent warmth for the weight and can be packed down into its own pocket, making this an ideal travel companion for outdoor Billies and Lillies.

Price: £250 / $299 / €280




Progression have helped over 150,000 people learn new tricks and techniques over the last 13 years through their instructional videos and apps. Choose from subjects such as getting to grips with waterstarts through to technical handle-passes or wave riding. A series on foiling is also coming soon. Download or stream full collections or individual videos at your convenience on your phone, tablet or computer. 

Price: The Progression Player is free and individual videos start at just £3 / $4 / €3.50




The Restube Sport is a compact emergency floatation system that can clip to a harness and comes with a whistle to help draw attention when in trouble.

Price: £88 / $110 / €99.95





The Empax Vest is a dedicated kite vest with added float and protection but won’t inhibit harness function or range of motion. No-slip Wind Skin in the waist keeps the harness locked in place and prevents the vest riding up. Produced without the use of toxic hydrophobic chemicals, this is ideal for the entry-level or intermediate rider for a little extra protection. Advanced kiters going for mega loops will also find this a wise buy!

Price: £149 / $125 / €140

Ride Engine Empax Vest



Snugs use state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing technology to take an impression of the inner ear to create totally customised waterproof headphones. The result is excellent sound and makes it almost impossible for them to fall out, no matter how hard the crash!

Price: Snugs begin at £150 / $170 / €185




We said no socks, but hey, these have got a surfer on them instead of reindeers! A favourite amongst the Kiteworld office, Stance socks aren’t cheap, but they’re the comfiest things since your gran’s cashmere and their sock art range is massive! 

Price: £15 / $18  / €17 and up 




The Kiteboarding Tricktionary book is a sacred tome on the art of twin-tip riding. Available in six languages, it’s a 424 page book with killer instructional content for kiters of every level. The ‘Super-basics’ section is for early intermediates, ‘Airstyle’ deals with boosting and hooked-in manoeuvres while the ‘New School’ section helps smash out unhooked bangers. 

Price: £45 / $80 / €50




This Weatherflow WINDmeter anemometer fits in the pocket and plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone or Android device. Recording average wind speed, lulls and gusts as well as direction, there’s no need to guess which kite size to take ever again. 

Price: £30 / $40 / €34




The WOO 2.0 is the ultimate Christmas gift for any aspiring big-air charger, no matter how high they can currently jump. Get readouts from every session, tracks progression over time and for freestylers it can now measure switch and trick performance. Great fun between friends. The current record has just been set at 28.9 metres by Joshua Emanuel in Cape Town! Errr, game on then… 

Price: £200 / £249 / €249




Photographer Ydwer van der Heide’s images have graced the pages of many a kiteboarding mag, and he’s shot more front covers of Kiteworld than anyone. Hanging one of these in the home will deliver daily stoke and there’s a range of iconic shots to choose from.

Price: £175 / $230 / €195




A Windguru Pro account is the gift that keeps on giving. The wind prediction site and app provides up to date WRF forecasts for a enormous array of spots around the world, including custom spots, and the whole service is entirely ad-free.

Price: £18 / $24 / €19.90


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Kiteworld 90 - Tests


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