Kiteworld Magazine Issue #108 – Free Multimedia Edition – Out Now!

Kiteworld issue #108

Kiteworld issue #108 out now


Fully loaded, vividly visual and guaranteed to entertain and inspire. 

The magazine is completely free to read on our new digital platform.

Issue #108 is live now and features extended reviews of Ocean Rodeo’s A-Series Roam Aluula kite, plus the Eleveight FS 9m, Naish Hover 127 and Kitefoil 960 as well as a deep winter Mystic Voltt wetsuit. You’ll also discover quite possibly the most relaxed kiteboarding holiday location as well as 7 magical butter flat water spots around the Lo Stagnone lagoon in Sicily. We re-build the hype for the postponed King of the Air, plus pack in stacks of galleries, columns, technique features and more!

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Moona Whyte Kiteworld Magazine issue #108

Moona Whyte’s story of increased bravery in chasing barrels


Red Bull King of the Air 2021
Around now we should have been enjoying the Red Bull King of the Air 2021. Rather than licking our wounds of loss, let’s anticipate what’s still to come when the event is re-scheduled for November this year



Kitesurfing in Turks and Caicos
When… / if… anyone is ever able to travel properly again, the Turks and Caicos in the British West Indies offers super-mellow kiting for ten months a year and a perfect natural environment to rebalance your senses after the most frustrating of years spent cooped up


Winter edition

In case you missed it, our special print Winter Issue is also out now! Visit our shop here to find out more


Eleveight FS 2021 9m kite review
ELEVEIGHT TEST: The Eleveight FS is a high performance kite that’s also easy to fly, without requiring a lot of technical skill. If you are technically very good, then you’ll also enjoy it because you can simply focus on riding it hard!


Ocean Rodeo Roam A-Series 10m review
OCEAN RODEO TEST: It’s hard to describe how clean the Ocean Rodeo A-Series Roam 10m flies in all freeride situations. It’s just there with you and this ten feels as nimble as an eight


Naish Hover 127 & Kite Foil 960 complete review
NAISH TEST: The Naish Kitefoil 960 delivers an easy feeling of smooth fluidity in most riding conditions. Playful, tight turns and a looseness that will inspire you to do more than just plough back and forth in straight lines. The Hover 127 deserves special mention. It’s a peach with a massive application in a size that looks sporty and appealing



Mystic Voltt 6/4/3 and Supreme gloves review

MYSTIC VOLTT TEST: I am a winter warrior in the Voltt. Simple as that 


How to self-launch and self-land a kitesurfing kite

An overview of how you can launch your kite when there’s no one on the beach, or how two riders can help each other successfully get both kites up. At the end of the feature you’ll also find some guidance on self-landing


Guide to kiteboarding in Sicily

A full run down on the magical spots in and around Lo Stagnone, the kiting capital of the Italian Mediterranean Island


North Kiteboarding kite design

How North’s kite designs are benefitting from America’s Cup racing technology


Understanding wind for kitesurfing

The second part of a new regular column to enhance our understanding of the wonderful world of wind. iKitesurf meteorologist, Shea Gibson, focuses here on trade winds



Mark Shinn column in Kiteworld Magazine

If ever there was a man with all the toys for all wind and surf sports, it’s Mark Shinn. In his 85th Kiteworld column the two-time kiting World Champion explains why kite foiling is still the only set-up that can offer big thrills in the lightest of winds 


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