Editor’s Blog: 2016 Kiteworld Equipment Tests Begin

Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 kite review

Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 kite review

2016 kitesurfing equipment reviews by Kiteworld: For the next seven weeks we will be running our annual gear test sessions in Cape Town, South Africa. Home to the Cape Doctor Southeaster wind, the test team will be riding and reviewing 40 items of kitesurfing equipment in the often challenging conditions, ready for publishing in issues #80 and #81. (Issue #80 also comes with our 10th free annual 140+ page Travel Guide supplement.

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We so often find ourselves writing about the really strong winds that hit this area – it is after all the home of the Red Bull King of the Air – but if you’re here and keen enough for long enough, you can find conditions for every type of equipment class.

Such as yesterday, the first day to our testing period, we were graced with a 15 knot nine metre session to get our first rides on the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade and Shinn Bronq twin-tip. You’ll notice over the coming weeks that we are able to ride smaller kites in what looks to be fairly low digit wind speeds, but the density of the southeast wind here is incredible… and boosty.

Look out for more updates over the coming weeks. #kwtests #kwrides



We try to bring as much well-rounded experience and as many buyers’ considerations into our reviews as we can. We’re not about finding the best products for pro riders, but rather squeezing out the most relevant characteristics for every day riders.

Chris Bull

Our Senior Tester is 40-something (we’ve stopped believing he’s still 38, no matter how often he tells us), has been kiting for 15 years and tested more gear than anyone we know, outside of gear developers themselves. He runs CBK-Hayling Island, a lively school, club and shop and understands what the pros and bros are looking for in their purchases.

Matt Pearce

Associate Editor of Kiteworld, Matt joined the test team in 2015. He’s a lean mean riding machine – at 27, he’s 6’2” and 95 kilos so adds weight to the team, too. He has been kiting for eight years, six of those spent as a team rider for Liquid Force, he’s also been involved in R&D and is an experienced instructor.

Jim Gaunt

Editor of Kiteworld and writer / presenter of The Kite Show. Jim is 36, has been kiting for 13 years and rarely rides the same gear session to session, so has a good understanding of current directions/trends.

Where possible, we also gather the opinion of amateur guest riders who also jump on the gear.

Scroll down now on the website to read reviews of some of the 2016 gear that the team has already tested in the ‘Related Articles’ section. 

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