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The Kite Show Episode 19 is one of our tightest and yet most varied TV-style experiences for the fascinated kiteboarder to date.

FUTURE CREATIVITY: Freeride Project star, Cabrinha team rider and film maker James Boulding drops in to take us behind the scenes of some of your favourite videos and also reveals the future of drone filming to capture ever more radical riding.

EXPERIENCE: Adam Withington will wow you with his foiling freestyle while Lewis Crathern’s new headset and GoPro combo allows him to be your virtual instructor for a high-octane freeride session.

THE SCENE: Is Formula racing about to die? Will the world tour clean up its act? Is the Hood River Slider Jam the future of core competition formats? The World News and our Inside Track to World Racing plugs you into the knowledge.

BLOCKBUSTERS: We close this episode with a highlight reel from a stack of hot releases that we’re currently hosting on our site and apps. You bring the retinas, we’ll bring the radness.


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