The Kite Show Episode 18

The Kite Show Episode 18 kitesurfing kiteworld magazine

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EXPERIENCE: Brandon Scheid is one of the most well-rounded and technical kiteboarders in the sport. We interview the American 3x Triple S overall champion about his wakestyle and foiling experiences, giving you a feel for how he sees kiteboarding in this special feature containing stacks of onboard GoPro footage.

SHAPING: Sky Solbach is North Kiteboarding’s surfboard shaper. We talk to him about the current trend of short, square surfboards that are gaining rapidly in popularity in surfing, and discuss their place in kiteboarding.

RUBEN: Mr. Lenten fronts the Red Bull Kite the Waj – an amateur event helping fuel the growth of kiteboarding in the Middle East. We catch him in Bahrain and find out more about the event.

WORLD NEWS: Rapid action flows from the Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge, Virgin Kitesurf World Championships, the Triple S and the BKC.

TRAVEL: Jambiani in Zanzibar looks insanely good. We lure you towards your next holiday as we close out another episode.


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