The Kite Show Episode 06

The Kite Show Episode 06 featuring Andres Phillip, Best designers, Len10 mega loop challenge and more

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Episode six sees us catch-up with Aaron Hadlow after the worst injury of his career, keeping him out of action for nine months. He was planning a dramatic comeback to PKRA competition until he damaged his ACL in February, but he gives us his rundown on the leading contenders in the 2012 championship.

We also talk to Best designers Peter Stiewe and Jordi Modolell in Cape Town and find out a bit more about their jobs. Andre Phillip explains the secrets of the success of Island Time, an online movie with over 150,000 views, Sam Light (who also appears in Island Time) starts his back mobe instructional series beginning with the back roll and back-to-toe, Ruben Lenten reveals the highlights of his Len10 Mega Loop Challenge in Cape Town and Aaron Hadlow interviews event winner Lewis Crathern. On top of that, find out if you won our North Wam competition and we launch the Best Shortstick surfboard giveaway.


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