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The Kite Show - Episode 20

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In episode 20 we take on a technical theme as we talk to North surfboard designer Sky Solbach to hear more about the challenges of shaping for high performance riders and World Champions like Airton Cozzolino. We also press him for information on the basic anatomy of different surfboard shapes to help you find the right board for where and how you want to ride.



Mike Gebhardt won two Olympic medals for windsurfing and now focuses on training kitesurfers, transforming them from talented riders into the world’s best competitors. In this chapter we also talk about his close relationship with Rob Douglas, and how the American burst onto the speed racing scene to set a new world record at Luderitz in 2010 on a frighteningly narrow speed strip.

Progression Sports are set to launch their much-anticipated Wave series of technique videos in December. If you’re serious about learning, the Progression series have long been highly regarded for their in-depth and clear instruction and in this chapter we have an exclusive section from the heel-to-toe-side gybe chapter, with Airush’s Ozzie Smith on the demonstrations.

The VKWC seems to have whimpered to a halt for 2015. We salute Liam Whaley and Gisela Pulido – the two riders who are currently on top. Plus, Jesse Richman has been shredding Jaws, Bruna Kajiya became the first kiteboarding female to land a 315 and we rapidly run you through some other selected highlights from our world and beyond.

Move Of The Month is back and for this episode we are shining a light on the riders who are hoping to gain a place at the prestigious Red Bull King of the Air via the video entry contest. The entry date for video submissions closes on December 11th – and you can check some of the best entries so far in this section. More at:

And we close the show with behind the scenes insight from another banger that’s now playing our Blockbuster section. This episode we talk to Naish kite designer Damien Girardin who is also deeply involved in Naish’s annual big movie release that celebrates the launch of their new 2016 range of gear. He takes us behind the scenes of ‘This Is Your Moment’, featuring Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Jalou Langeree, Robby Naish and more.

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