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The wakestyle legend describes the highs and lows of riding unhooked


“If you watch a beginner to intermediate and see their face when they come unhooked, it’s literally like everything’s broken…”

Jason Slezak’s roots run deep in the sport, and in this chapter he vividly explains the freedom of expression that wakestyle offers the rider, the thrill of the sensations available and the addictiveness of the raw power. Brandon Scheid demonstrates the moves.



Jason Slezak has been one of the leading riders in the evolution of wakestyle since kiteboarders first started to unhook. He was one of the riders from the pivotal movie, Autofocus, shot by Elliot Leboe, that also featured Mauriciu Abreu, Moe Gould, Andre Phillip and Bertrand Fleury. 

Jason was one of the instigators of the Triple S wakestyle contest, is heavily involved in R&D at Liquid Force and is also a kitesurfing ambassador for Patagonia. 


Full interview and more at: www.thekiteshow.tv/jason-slezak

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