Wainman Cruzer 136 2016

Wainman Cruzer 136 2016


Wainman’s all new model is designed to be versatile enough for easy progression in a variety of conditions. Featuring a fairly substantial rocker line, the Cruzer has a fairly rounded freeride specific outline with pulled-in tips, suggesting a loose and forgiving ride feel. The straps and pads aren’t over-complicated, but are soft and very comfortable, offering us a good fit around the heel and ball of the foot with enough stance angle options to satisfy the majority of riders, which we all agreed on. As you’d expect from Wainman, the graphics are quite unique!

Although the brand hype bills the Cruzer as a freestyle / freeride board, we’d place it more firmly at the comfortable freeride end of the spectrum. It has an insatiable appetite for eating up chop and any less experienced riders, or those simply looking for chocolatey smoothness, are going to instantly feel at home.

The relatively deep rocker doesn’t hinder upwind performance, while the generous flex brings about a fun, skatey feel. The Cruzer doesn’t grip quite as relentlessly as more freestyle oriented boards, but this was a big positive in the challenging Cape Town conditions; the easier handling allowing us to ride better because we were more comfortable and balanced. Similar to a snowboard in deep powder, it also feels great when ‘buttering’ and nose-pressing into turns or when popping to toe-side. It’s also a very easy board to skid round 180 degrees and that playful feel will be appreciated when learning tricks to blind or wrapped. That extra bit of leeway it affords you will keep you staying motivated.


Wainman Cruzer 136 2016 test review Kiteworld Magazine


The light maneuverability is noticeable in the air, adding to the overall sensation of ease-of-use and control. The flip-side of the comfortable flex pattern is the limit you feel in terms of top speed and how much aggressive power you can load up when edging. This isn’t one of the faster boards on test, but if you adjust your edging technique you can find more freestyle and powered freeride performance, and if you’re really looking for a punchier ride feel, then check out The Joke model in the Wainman line.

Although general landings are comfortable, coming down heavily or at speed, the Cruzer feels a little spongy, but doesn’t lose its shape. Most people won’t be put off by this as the Cruzer does most that’s asked of it very well, like initiating turns, full rail carves and adding the steezy presses and tweaks into your riding that make everyday cruising that little bit more fun.




The Cruzer offers a huge amount to intermediate improvers, or to those wanting comfortable freeride performance and added style. That outline and rocker is a timeless, proven design that will provide lots of fun, even in choppy waters. It’s very robustly made, too.


Tail pressing the Cruzer into turns and slashing the tops off waves. General comfort.


Dedicated freestylers will want more stiffness and bite.


Build quality: 8

Fixtures and fittings: 8

Speed: 6

Pop: 6

Drive: 6

Flex: 8

Comfort: 8.5

Looseness: 7.5

Grip: 7.4

Upwind: 7

Slider proof: N/A

Boots applicable: No

Freeriding: 8

Freestyle: 6

Ease-of-use: 8 (for comfy freeriding)


131 x 39 / 136 x 40.5 & 141 x 42 x 39cm



Wainman Hawai Cruzer from WainmanHawaii on Vimeo.

More information at www.wainmanhawaii.com

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