The all-new Duotone Juice D/LAB

duotone juice dlab

The all-new Duotone Juice D/LAB is oozing with innovation as it aims to redefine the lightwind kiting boundaries

From Duotone:

The completely new Juice D/LAB is the apex predator of light wind kites. As the lightest kite in the entire range, featuring the most advanced design innovations to this day, it’s a revolution that will get you on the water when you think it’s impossible! D/LAB stands for Duotone R&D laboratory: the experimental and visionary developmental arm of Duotone. Throwing convention out the window and embracing the future of kite technology and innovation, we think outside the box and try to stay three moves ahead of the competition. The D/LAB models are the pinnacle of Duotone’s research and development.

The Juice D/LAB is part of this groundbreaking, highly exciting new range of high-end products. It is NOT just a lighter version of the Juice; with the Juice D/LAB we have succeeded in progressing the performance and handling to yet another significant level, allowing you to get on the water even earlier. Generating enormous amounts of power in virtually no wind at all and with up to 30% less weight, it’s a new milestone and quite simply the best light wind kite we can produce right now.

Click here for more product information about the Duotone Juice D/LAB

Hear what Duotone team rider Aaron Hadlow has to say about the Duotone Juice /LAB by clicking on the image below

Behind the design with Aaron Hadlow

Hear what Duotone designer Ralf Grosel has to say about the Duotone Juice /LAB by clicking on the image below

Behind the design with Ralf Grosel


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