RRD – The Y24 Collection


RRD 2019 has arrived


RRD have one of the biggest product lines in kiting with setups for everyone from the early intermediate to the full blown pro. Their Y24 range that celebrates 24 years in the game just launched! Here are some highlights.


RRD Y24 KITE COLLECTION from RRD International on Vimeo.



No doubt about it, RRD make some of the toughest kites on the market. We’ve dropped them in heavy surf in Cape Town and they’ve always taken the beatings and gotten us out of there to safety. Here are some of the key kites in the line-up.




When you base your design team in Cape Town over the winter there’s a good chance you’ll come up with the goods on the surfboard front. The Maquina is one of our test team’s favourite performance wave boards from the last couple of years and RRD’s foils are a solid offering for the freeride foiler as well!





RRD’s twintips have gone through something of a renaissance in the last three years and they’re sporting a solid range of boards for 2019 from high performance, full-carbon freestyle sleds to freeride cruisers with full wood constructions. 



Get to know the range in full at www.robertoriccidesigns.com

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