RRD 2017 Juice V4

The fourth version of RRD’s true freestyle and wakestyle performance stick is here!


The Juice V4 is for wakestylers and freestyle riders that want to do megaloops like Jerrie vd Kop, nail technical powered tricks like Alex Neto and Julien Leleu or grind everything in sight like Chris Bobryk.

A new lamination process combined with an upgraded P-tex Slick Base makes it ultra durable for sliding over obstacles and the beach while reducing the board’s negative flex for increased pop and control at high speeds.

The rocker line has been slightly increased for extra comfort in choppier waters and unidirectional carbon reinforcement layers makes the board even stronger and stiffer. It also comes with reinforced inserts which distribute the load exerted by using boots across a bigger area making the Juice V4 even more up to the task of being ridden hard with bindings.


RRD JUICE V4 from RRD International on Vimeo.


To find out more go to www.robertoriccidesigns.com/juice-v4

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