Ride Engine APOC wetsuit review

Ride Engine APOC wetsuit test

Ultra-plush, super stretchy and highly featured



Ride Engine APOC wetsuit review


Words: Chris Bull

Much like with the harnesses, Ride Engine did a good job of producing a really desirable product when they brought out their first wetsuit a couple of seasons go. As a brand they’re really good at that. I love this Apoc 4/3 because it fits me really, really well. 

Different manufacturers have different cuts and fits and when you’ve been doing watersports for as long as I have, the wetsuits I really remember are the ones that felt good… and looked good! The latter is very important, too! 

This Apoc 4/3 pretty much ticks 80% of the conditions where I ride in the northern and southern hemisphere (Cape Town). Inside it has really nice chest and leg sections; that warm stuff! It feels lovely inside. The first thing I did when putting it on was go, “Oooh, fluffy!” 


Ride Engine APOC wetsuit test


Thicker around the top body and top of the legs, it feels supportive in the right areas. The seams also have a nice ridges, adding to the cut, like a raised bevel and look stylish. Generally this is a well featured wetsuit with lots of modern design built in. You’re bang up to date in this and, as I say, it fit me particularly well. I felt like I had Marvel status in it.

Morning sessions in Cape Town are usually sunny and warmer, but the real tests come in the late evening, when it’s super windy and much colder. If the sunset session is your second of the day the water can feel colder and every season I take two thermal rash vests with me to Cape Town so I never have to wear a wet one. This is the first year that I’ve not needed to wear a thermal rash vest on those sessions. You might say, “Come on, Bully. Toughen up!” But I’m nearly 50, so I do get cold. 



This is a particularly warm suit and I put that down to the fact this it fit me really well and the cut is ideal for my shape. Nice and grippy around my forearms and wrists, I rarely got a shoot of water up my arms or down the neck when crashing hard. 

The Neospan S-foam neoprene material (limestone based) is really flexible and easy to be ‘athletic’ in. It’s not restrictive at all and, like with their harnesses, Ride Engine give you +10 break horsepower straight away. Like having a Max Power sticker on your car. You level up in your mind! 



Sometimes you put a wetsuit on and it just fits you right, like this one did for me. It affects your whole view of the suit. It’s nice when a new company comes along and does a product that can hang with the homies. Stretchy and soft, I love the way it grips me all over. 



Really soft feeling neoprene, lovely and cosy inside with very stylish tweaks on the outside.



This soft neoprene needs looking after. Look after it, and it will look after you! 



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