Prolimit 2020 Wetsuit Collection

Prolimit Elite Series

Prolimit have just launched their new 2020 wetsuit collection including the new high-end eco Elite Series.


Prolimit Elite Series


The Elite Series is developed with Prolimit’s most technical, ecological and premium materials featuring ‘PF1 Nature Prene’, a renewable material that performs as good, or better, than traditional neoprene. 


Making eco-friendly wetsuits is a difficult and expensive business but through using natural rubber, Prolimit have also managed to reduce the energy consumption required in production.


Choose natureprene over neoprene


In addition, the Thermal Rebound™ lining derived from survival blankets aids protection against cold conditions. This NASA technology adds an extra protection layer between the neoprene and zodiac to reflect body heat and to block wind chill. The thermic barrier rebounds your heat allowing for ultimate comfort, keeping you dry while remaining lightweight.



View the new collection and website here:



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