Ozone Edge review V10 8m

Ozone Edge V10 8m Test Review

Ozone Edge review V10 8m





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Check out KW’s previous Edge V10 review for the 11m


Ozone Edge review V10 8m




The is the second test we’ve done on the V10 Edge, having tested the 11 metre back in the autumn, but this is one of the all-time classic boosting kites and, as we were testing in the most famed boosting location in the world, we wanted to review the eight metre, too. You can find our 11 metre review online now by searching Ozone Edge V10 at www.kiteworldmag.com.


After ten versions of this classic kite that has been top of the tree for a blend of freeriding, racing and boosting, you have a very refined product. Pull the Edge out of its light weight bag and you find this really high-quality piece of kit that’s super cleanly finished. On launch you immediately know it’s a rock solid and very legit flying machine.

The Edge has always been a solid knife, cutting high into the wind, able to create lots of forward drive without dumping too much power at the front of the window if you over edge. Of all the kites we tested in this performance freeride category the Edge punches furthest forward and doesn’t give you that tired leg feeling when it gets really windy. The Rebel’s bite, for example, becomes harder to handle sooner. The Edge is able to fly forward and continue pulling in a very sweet spot in the window. At this top end it helps to have some fast board skills and then, if you’re in the mood, you can absolutely charge.

In a nutshell the Edge V10 becomes more nimble and fun to throw around. Very intuitive and responsive this year, Ozone have mixed the classic forward drive with faster steering. In stronger winds that’s really something that good riders will dial into very well.

In general the Edge is comfortable and easy on the arms and we were really pleased with the way the eight metre turns; very keenly with just a light amount of steering pressure. The bigger sizes, like the 11 we tested earlier in the year, are still ‘Edges’ in feel – easy and very accessible freeride kites that generate lots of smooth, low end power while still providing admirable hang time in light winds – but the eight is a specimen more geared up for modern high-performance strong wind riding.


There is a certain level of technicality with the Edge eight metre because it’s quite quick in everything that it does. Board speed, air speed and turning speed are all quick. The sweet spot overhead for sheet-in boosting isn’t the biggest, but it’s decent enough to let average riders find plenty of hangtime, especially in its mid-range by just cruising along, carving into wind and sheeting in with the kite overhead; you’ll wonder how for such little effort you’ve managed to score ten seconds of hangtime. You really have loads of time for grabs and board-offs when you start nailing that sweet spot.


In stronger winds, although the initial steering and sheeting response for a jump can feel lighter than other kites in this category – and therefore a little less direct in its overhead pull – once you dial into the timing and feel, the Edge pulls you up super fast; probably the fastest upward pull on test this year. You get a really big boost and loads of float with lots of confidence to heli-loop on the way down because the steering impulse happens quickly.

Pull sharply for quick, spinny heli-loops because the Edge is also much better at kite looping this year! These smaller sizes especially are so tuned now for performance big air riding. As the Edge responds quickly to light bar input, it will spin quickly if you pull hard on the bar. This is good for riders who are looking to add downloops to their transitions etc. but if you’re wanting a more powerful kite loop you can now also pull more gently during the initial start of the kite loop. The Edge has never been a kite we were automatically motivated to kite loop on because there wasn’t enough constant drive round the bottom of the window for a hoik and then catch. Now it’s a lot of fun. At first we pulled too quickly and had to then heliloop the kite more on the way down, but soon we had more confidence to pull more gently in order to let the kite loop widen for a smoother manoeuvre.

Always clean in flight, the Edge never stuttered or reached so far forward in the window that it stalled, even when we edged the board’s rail super hard in strong winds. Your riding speed stays very consistent and smooth throughout the gusts and lulls. Of the four similarly shaped kites in this big air performance freeride category (Core XR, Duotone Rebel, North Orbit and this Edge), the Edge has the lightest input, rides and steers quickest and is therefore the most technical. But it’s an absolute weapon.


Ozone have their very own factory in Vietnam where they also build all their paragliders. Producing only their own gear there, you can feel a unique detail in all their kites. No fat, no extras, just beautifully smooth finishes and just the right amount of materials, which always deliver great aerodynamic performance in the air. Ozone’s V4 Contact water control bar was updated last year, features a smooth trimming cleat (that you rarely ever need to use) and a neat click-in chicken-loop safety. The safety line runs up the middle of the bar outside of the plastic coating that covers the centre lines, so it’s as free as possible to kill the kite should you ever need to pull your release and there’s no rubbing of rope on your fingers if you have your hands butted up against the centre line.


Ozone kite bar


The Edge is a kite that you lock into position and let it charge forward. Now lighter and not as tiring, this is a really rewarding kite in ballistic winds. For foiling and other cross-over riding it’s also got better and, thanks to its improved turning, the Edge is now also a kite you can be confident kite looping with. In general the corners have really polished with a huge focus on performance freeriding. You do need to be on your game to command and dial into the lighter feel of the Edge eight metre in strong winds, but if you’re skills are up to it, you’ll appreciate just how well rounded and capable this kite is. An absolute elevator to the skies.

Lighter steering input, improved looping performance and phenomenal high speed riding antics.

Intermediate riders might find the Edge doesn’t feel locked in enough overhead for easy, secure boosts at its very top end. Good riders will love the energy available when you really start pushing this kite harder and harder, though.

Build quality: 9
Full package: 9
Low end: 8.5
Top end: 9
Steering speed: 6
Turning circle: 6
Bar pressure: 5
Water relaunch: 8
Drift: DT
Boost: 9.5
Hang-time: 9
Unhooked: NO
Crossover: 5 (Smaller, nimble, forward flying sizes could be used for foiling as also has good depower)
Ease of use: 8

SIZES: 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5m



Check out KW’s previous Edge V10 review for the 11m

Find out more:www.ozonekites.com

Free issue of Kiteworld 104 and 2020 Travel Guide CLICK HERE TO GET THIS NEW ISSUE AND OUR 2020 TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FREE!

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