OCEAN RODEO’S CRAVE HL-SERIES: The world’s first hybrid airframe

HL series by Ocean Rodeo

CRAVE HL-SERIES LAUNCH: Last year Ocean Rodeo turned heads when they first announced the introduction of their A-series Aluula material kite range. Included in this series was the Flite and the Roam kites. This year they are changing the game once again, introducing the CRAVE HL-series which is a hybrid construction combining traditional Dacron with strategically placed Aluula for weight reduction and improved airframe response


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Ocean Rodeo says: 


The world’s first hybrid composite airframe kites – CRAVE HL-SERIES

Our partnership with ALUULA and the subsequent release of our A-Series kite range has been lauded around the world by customers and the industry alike. And while riders across the planet continue to discover the benefits of these superior and cutting-edge kites, we’ve not slowed up on the R&D. In fact, quite the opposite…

Continuing to lead the pack in the light kite revolution, Ocean Rodeo are today proud to unveil the Hybrid Light Series, the world’s first kites to feature a hybrid composite airframe.

20% lighter than our 2020 Dacron Series kites, the new HL-Series kite range are the second lightest inflatable kites in the world, second only to Ocean Rodeo’s ultra light A-Series kite range.

Strategically placed ALUULA composite materials are blended with Dacron to create this new hybrid construction class, delivering decreased weight with improved airframe response, faster turning, and supreme stability while riding.

“Strategic use of the ALUULA material has allowed our design team to engineer a remarkably light and agile range of kites and wings. This new airframe technology, another first from Ocean Rodeo, gives the consumer the ultimate choice as they build out their quiver between both A-Series and HL-Series in the Crave, Roam and Flite.” -Richard Myerscough, Ocean Rodeo CEO.

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Crave HL series kite

Building on the massive success of the Crave in 2020, for 2021 the wingtips have been fine-tuned to provide smooth power delivery and predictable handling, and the overall weight of the three-strut design has been significantly reduced through the use of our new Hybrid Light ALUULA-powered technology.

Whether you want a kite that will turn on a dime and keep you in the pocket in the surf, or something built for committed sending, predictable performance and power on tap, the Crave is the kite for you.

With its hybrid composite airframe, the Crave HL-Series has been built to be as light as possible, while retaining the ability to take a beating in the surf and the strength to hold its shape through even the most demanding Big Air maneuvers.

“The Crave is definitely my favorite kite. The Hybrid Light construction along with the refined wing tips on this year’s model has just taken the kite to the next level. It feels more reactive and the power delivery and turning is noticeably smoother.”– Reece Myerscough, Ocean Rodeo Team Rider.


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