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The new 2016 Rebel is the ultimate kite for huge jumps and massive hangtime! There have been quite a few changes across the range this year to ensure it still delivers the maximum performance across all the sizes. The smaller sizes in the range now feature a lower aspect ratio, which makes them smoother in gusty winds whilst also improving the turning speed of the kite. This makes the smaller Rebels even livelier than before without loosing stability and still allows you to boost huge airs.

The middle sizes in the range offer the perfect blend between turning speed, handling and jumping ability. The profile and aspect ratio of these kites has been tweaked to offer amazing performance. The 12m to 14m kites now have a higher aspect ratio, which offers higher jumps, longer hangtime and better power delivery with a smooth bar feel. The big 16m Rebel shares a similar shape and profile with the 14m, but the bigger 16 has more of an emphasis on low end power and jumping ability replacing the Rebel 18.

The Rebel has always been the class-leading kite; now each size has been designed to offer the ultimate in freeride and jumping performance regardless of the wind conditions.

North 2016 Twin-Tips

Jaime 2016

The Jaime has been in the North Kiteboarding range for over 10 years now; it’s a fantastic freeride and freestyle machine that perfectly reflects the way our very own Jaime Herraiz rides. It’s the perfect board for riders who are looking for a great freestyle board without the unforgiving stiffness that some of the top end pro models have. It perfectly blends the ultimate in performance with a smoother and easier ride, making it a good choice for freeriders too. For 2016 the Jaime has a new shape with a wider outline making the pop even better and the landings even easier. It has a slight slant towards freestyle this year and features a new Carbon Beam construction, which gives the board a lively and eager feeling on the water. The bottom features our Quattro-V bottom concept, this offers superior grip whilst helping to smooth out the landings too. The Jaime is fast, yet smooth, with enough pop to excite the most demanding of riders.

Select 2016

The Select sets the standards for freeride performance, incorporating the most advanced construction techniques and technology with a fast, dynamic shape. It is the lightest, fastest and most responsive kiteboard in the range and is perfect for freeride and freestyle riders looking for the ultimate machine to take their riding to the next level! At the same time the board is fast and responsive, it is also exceedingly easy and forgiving to ride, due to the slightly softer flex characteristics. The board is constructed using Textreme Carbon which is 30% lighter than a standard carbon weave. This material offers superior flex and durability characteristics, whilst making the board extremely direct and responsive on the water. The Select utilises a new 2 Channel mono concave underside using smaller fins to improve its early planing characteristics with same grip and features a new embossed logo on the deck. The Select is the ultimate kiteboard, it is as simple as that…

X-Ride 2016

The X-Ride is one of the most popular boards on the market and is the choise board of riders all over the world. It is designed to be ridden about 3 cm longer than your standard board. The increase in the rocker line helps to make the X-Ride extremely smooth over choppy water. The outline shape is also a little narrower in the tips, which allows the board to carve amazingly well. Lots of riders have the X-Ride as their Twintip wave board as the rail-to-rail turns are easily executed with impeccable control. The rail shape and increased length gives you unsurpassed grip and upwind performance. For 2016 there is a new 2 Channel mono concave bottom shape, which improves the ride even more. The softer flex makes the ride really forgiving but the board will still pop allowing you to boost airs and have some soft landings. The X-Ride has been designed to be the ultimate all-round kite board, as happy in the waves as it is flying through the air.

Soleil 2016

The growth in the number of women taking up kitesurfing is phenomenal and the level of riding is going through the roof. The Soleil blends the perfect shape and flex into an amazing board that is specifically designed for female riders. This board delivers a smooth ride in choppy conditions whilst being very forgiving allowing you to progress your kitesurfing quickly. This year the board features a new 2Channel mono concave bottom shape that gives you plenty of grip and control. There is also an embossed logo on the board, which completes the ever-stylish looks. The Soleil isn’t just about looks though; it has been crafted from the ground up to be the perfect freeride board for the female rider. The outline, flex, edges and bottomshape all work together to create a smooth, forgiving ride that you will love! The women in our sport deserve the best, they deserve the Soleil!

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